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Pesticide Use:  Toxic Past, Organic Future

Pesticide Use: Toxic Past, Organic Future

Over the years, a movement has been growing in organic textiles. One that rejects the need for excessive use of ...
stack of organic blankets

History of the Organic Blanket

Everyone loves a good blanket. Warm, soft, and a comforting reminder of childhood, there’s ample reason why their use is ...
Furry Alpaca Herd

Natural Alpaca Bedding

How Crescent Moon Alpaca Bedding Began In 1997, Crescent Moon Llama Ranch in Kelowna, British Columbia, began producing comforters with ...
natural latex versus memory foam comparison

How does a natural latex mattress differ from a memory foam mattress?

Natural vs. Chemically Derived Plant derived, natural latex is far healthier than memory foam. Memory foam is derived from petroleum, ...
Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

What is a platform bed? Do I need a box spring or foundation for my mattress?

A platform bed is designed to support your mattress without the use of a boxspring or foundation. Platform bed frames ...
Fair Trade Worker

Coyuchi’s Commitment to Fair Trade

Goals of Fair Trade Fair Trade is an overarching term referring to an exchange between producers and consumers which focuses ...
Why Choose a Layered Organic Mattress

Why Choose a Layered Organic Mattress

Many of the organic latex mattresses we sell at The Natural Sleep Store are made with layers of natural latex/natural ...
Organic Mattress Retailer

The disadvantage of an excellent return policy for organic mattresses

There are a lot of mattress companies that are very visible in the media these days.  Most of these companies ...
Couple in Separate Twin Beds

Trends in Sleep: Couples are Using Two Twin XL Mattresses for an Adjustable Bed or for Better Sleep Quality

You don’t have to be a couple in a 60s TV show to choose to sleep on two Twin beds! ...
Bed on Floor

Can You Put A Mattress on the Floor?

You can potentially put a mattress on the floor without problems, but there are a few considerations and recommendations you ...
Choosing the Perfect Organic Pillow

Choosing the Perfect Organic Pillow

I have found that the right pillow is a key part to getting a great night's sleep. There are many ...
Measure Twin Vs Twin XL Mattress

Twin vs Twin XL Size

In this blog post we will answer some size questions about Twin vs. Twin XL mattresses, sheets, and bed frames.  ...