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The disadvantage of an excellent return policy for organic mattresses

There are a lot of mattress companies that are very visible in the media these days.  Most of these companies have a very aggressive marketing campaign, offer low priced mattresses, and generally offer an appealing return policy.  This type of selling is called “direct to consumer” and typically looks very attractive to a consumer.  They will often tout that they can offer lower prices because they “cut out the middle man” since they are directly selling to the customer.  

In contrast, The Natural Sleep Store does not manufacture our own products, we offer a selection of curated organic mattresses from a variety of manufacturers.  We are the “middle man” as a mattress retailer, and we find there are many benefits to using a middle man when considering a new organic mattress.

How Direct to Consumer Companies Offer Low Prices

Direct to consumer business models typically do have lower prices than a traditional brick and mortar business model.  Cutting out the middle man to reduce cost might be partially accurate, but a few other factors also go into their pricing.  Sometimes, the materials used are of lower quality as their big goal is to keep the prices low in order to do a lot of volume.  Second, since they often have what appears to be a good return policy, as a company, taking a high volume of returns means that they have to work the price of returns into the price of the mattress.  So, part of what you are paying for is absorption of the cost of other people’s returns. Last, you are paying for that aggressive marketing campaign that likely caught your eye.

The Benefits of Purchasing From an Organic Mattress Retailer

Wide Selection and Customizability

Direct to consumer mattress companies Organic Mattress Retaileroften only have a few mattress models to choose from, and often, these are not customizable.  Moreover, since they do not have physical stores, you can’t try the mattresses before you buy. In contrast, we offer curated products from a variety of manufacturers that you can try in our brick and mortar store and/or purchase from us online.  We offer a much wider selection of organic mattresses to choose from which might allow you to find a mattress that is better suited to your needs.  We only choose to work with manufacturers that we believe in, have a personal relationship with, and trust that they are using high quality materials.  Some of our most trusted are Bella Sera Organics, Harvest Green, TFS Honest Sleep, Suite Sleep, Savvy Rest, OMI, and Royal Pedic). We are never trying to “sell” you on the fact that one specific mattress will work for you.  Instead, we try to help you choose the mattress that is the best match for your body type, sleeping style, preference, and body needs.  The Natural Sleep Store is unique in that if we don’t have what you need, we do not hesitate to send you outside of our store.  We want happy customers, and if we don’t think we can make you happy, we are happy to direct you elsewhere… this is a truly unbiased opinion.  

Not only do we have a huge number of options in organic mattresses, but our individual mattresses often have many options within themselves.  If you are not local to Colorado or can’t make it into our brick and mortar store, we offer many products that allow customization before AND after your online purchase, which is a lesser hassle than going through a full return and choosing a new mattress.  For example, many of our mattress models can be purchased in different firmness levels, and some can be set up with different firmness on each side.  Oftentimes this firmness level can be changed after purchasing if it is not the perfect fit for a customer after sleeping on it for a while.  Instead of going through the hassle of a mattress return, if you need some firmness adjustments, it is typically quite a bit simpler than returning an entire mattress.

Returns on Organic Mattresses

As a mattress retailer, not all of our products have the same enticing return policy as the direct to consumer market, but some of the products we sell come awfully close (Bella Sera Organic Mattresses and Harvest Green Mattresses).  

Our (Nonexistent) Marketing Campaigns

Last, we don’t spend a lot on marketing campaigns.  You likely found us through an organic google search or through a direct reference from a friend or family member.  We sell high quality mattresses at the best price that we can offer you.  We would love the opportunity to help you find the best organic mattress for you!

So, although direct to consumer mattresses often look appealing because of their low price and appealing return policy, consider purchasing from a brick and mortar store in order to receive an unbiased opinion, know you are getting products with high quality materials, try the mattress before you buy, and choose from a lot of different products to find that perfect mattress for you.