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Natural and Organic Mattresses

At The Natural Sleep Store we offer a variety of natural and organic mattresses, many are customizable and all are made from high quality, healthy materials. Organic latex mattresses, organic innerspring mattresses, latex/coil hybrid style mattresses, and futon style mattresses are available. Rest assured that synthetic or chemical flame retardants are never used in our products!

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Reasons to choose a natural latex or natural rubber mattress

There are many reasons why people choose a natural latex / natural rubber mattress (please note that the terms “natural rubber” and “natural latex” can be used interchangeably). Natural latex mattresses are some of our most popular organic mattress options. 

  • Longevity: Natural latex does not form body impressions as easily as organic cotton batting or  polyester batting used in conventional mattresses. Many non-latex mattresses will, over time, form a body impression (a hole or a dip exactly where one sleeps each night),  this can be very uncomfortable. Natural latex is very durable and generally does not form body impressions for 15 to 20 years.
  • Natural rubber is dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant: Natural rubber is a great choice if you have an allergy to dust mites, as they can’t breed in natural rubber.
  • Natural latex reduces pressure points: When you sleep on a latex/rubber mattress it does a great job conforming to your body, reducing pressure points while keeping your spine in alignment.  This improves circulation and reduces tossing and turning.
  • Natural rubber is very comfortable!

View our natural rubber / natural latex mattress selection.

Reasons to choose an organic innerspring or organic pocket coil mattress

Organic innerspring

  • Feel. If you are used to a traditional innerspring mattress and you like the way it feels but want a healthier option an organic innerspring mattress is a great choice. 
  • Latex allergy.  There are two types of latex allergies. One allergy is to the chemicals and/or synthetic latex used in latex items like latex gloves.  Most people have this type of allergy. However, some people do have a true natural latex allergy which is an allergy to the proteins in natural latex (just like an allergy to food).  All of the natural latex used in our mattresses is washed to remove the proteins which should eliminate any problems or allergic reactions. However, a very small number of people have reported allergic reactions when in direct contact with the natural latex used in our mattresses (while directly touching the latex).  Most people who do have a true latex allergy will have no problem sleeping on a natural latex mattress, because there are layers of organic cotton and wool in between the latex and the outside of the mattress. If you aren’t sure what type of latex allergy you have, please contact us for a test piece.

View our organic innerspring mattresses.

Organic Innerspring / latex hybrid

  • A hybrid mattress offers some of the benefits of a latex mattress and some of the benefits of an innerspring mattress. A lot of people who are shopping for a new mattress are used to the feel and support of a conventional spring mattress and may not want to purchase something that feels completely different then what they are used to. This makes a hybrid mattress a great choice. Customers can experience the benefits of natural latex with the familiar feel of a coil support underneath. Furthermore most hybrid mattresses utilize a pocketed coil support that offers better contouring and less motion transfer than a traditional coil unit. 

View our hybrid mattresses.

Why choose an organic futon mattress

  • A futon mattress is a great way for the price conscientious shopper to comfortably afford an all organic mattress that is comfortable as well. Futon mattresses are also great candidates for custom sizes. 

Why choose an organic mattress topper

  • Some people do not want to replace their current mattress, but would like to have an organic barrier between themselves and their conventional mattress.  A natural or organic mattress topper is a great way to do that!
  • Natural and Organic mattress toppers can offer a softer or a pillowtop feel to our organic mattresses.  Although you can choose a soft natural latex mattress, it may still not feel exactly like a pillowtop mattress.  If the pillowtop feel is something you like, a natural mattress topper is a super option.

View our natural and organic mattress toppers.

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