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Natural and Organic Mattresses

At The Natural Sleep Store we offer a variety of natural and organic mattresses, many are customizable and all are made from high quality, healthy materials. Organic latex mattresses, organic innerspring mattresses, latex/coil hybrid style mattresses, and futon style mattresses are available. Rest assured that synthetic or chemical flame retardants are never used in our products!

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Reasons to choose an organic mattress

While there are many benefits to choosing an organic mattress, one of the main reasons is  avoiding the toxins present in most, if not all conventional mattresses.  From polyurethane foams, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics, to toxic flame retardant chemicals, conventional mattresses are far from clean or natural.  These chemicals do not only stay in the mattress, they often outgas, which means microscopic particles of the petrochemical products float into the air you breathe.  When these chemicals are introduced to your body, they are stored in your fat cells, and can pose a prominent risk for years to come.

An organic mattress, made from all natural materials like organic cotton, wool, horsehair, coconut fiber, metal springs and natural latex, is guaranteed to be free of synthetic fabrics, and does not use chemical flame retardants to meet the federal flammability standards.  If you are hoping to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your life, choosing a clean organic mattress is crucial, as most people spend up to a third of their life in bed.

Natural materials used in an organic mattress also contribute to better sleep.  Organic cotton and wool are extremely breathable. This means you are much less likely to experience any temperature related discomfort while you sleep.  Wool is especially good at wicking moisture, which means it absorbs moisture and releases it quickly. Studies support the idea that sleeping next to wool can lower heart rate, effectively helping your body rest easier.  

Organic materials are far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than petrochemical based materials.  In the process of making materials that originate from petrochemicals there is an abundance of chemicals used.  In addition, many byproducts are created, which are then released into our environment. Whether it be the air, the groundwater, or landfills, these byproducts can cause tremendous damage to the surrounding ecosystem.  On the other hand, all natural materials are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and do not create toxic byproducts.  Not only is an organic mattress healthy for you, it is also healthy for the environment.

Reasons to choose an organic latex or natural rubber mattress

There are many reasons why people choose an organic latex mattress or natural rubber mattress. The terms “natural rubber” and “natural latex” can be used interchangeably, as they are the same product. Natural latex mattresses are one of our most popular organic mattress options for a multitude of reasons. 

  • Longevity: Natural latex does not form body impressions (a hole or a dip exactly where one sleeps each night) as easily as polyester batting or synthetic polyurethane foams that are used in conventional mattresses. Many non-latex mattresses will, over time, form a body impression, which can be uncomfortable. Natural latex is exceedingly durable and generally does not form body impressions for the first 15 to 20 years of use.
  • Natural rubber is dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant:  This makes it an outstanding   option if you have an allergy to dust mites, as they cannot breed in natural rubber.
  • Natural latex reduces pressure points: When you sleep on a latex/rubber mattress it conforms to your body, reducing pressure points while keeping your spine in alignment. This improves circulation and reduces the need to toss and turn, providing a peaceful night sleep.
  • Natural rubber is exceptionally comfortable! One of the best attributes of natural latex/ natural rubber mattresses is the consistency in feel. Your mattress will feel similar to how it felt when it was brand new for years to come.
  • Many of our organic latex mattresses are layered,  which means the mattress consists of several layers of 2”, 3”, 4”, or 6” organic latex.  This  provides the option to customize your firmness level.  Having the opportunity to choose your firmness level on each of these layers, and sometimes even side to side, means your mattress is fully customized for your needs.

View our natural rubber / organic latex mattress selection.

Reasons to choose an organic innerspring or organic pocket coil mattress

Organic innerspring mattresses

  • Feel: If you enjoy a traditional innerspring mattress, but want a healthier option, an organic innerspring mattress is an outstanding replacement.
  • Latex allergy: There are two main types of latex allergies.  The first is to the chemicals and/or synthetic latex used in items like latex gloves.  Most who are sensitive to latex products fall in this category. However, others do have a true natural latex allergy. This is an allergy to the proteins in natural latex, similar to a food allergy.  All of the natural latex used in our mattresses is washed thoroughly. This process removes most of the latex proteins, which should eliminate any allergic reactions. A small number of people have reported allergic reactions when in direct contact with the natural latex used in our mattresses. However, most individuals who have a true latex allergy will have no problem sleeping on a natural latex mattress because the layers of organic cotton and wool prevent direct contact with the natural latex. If you are not sure what type of latex allergy you have, please contact us for a test piece.
  • Organic innerspring mattresses have a short ingredient list: cotton, wool, and steel. In addition, you can have these mattresses made without wool for a vegan alternative. Innerspring mattresses are simple and clean, perfect for people with chemical sensitivities. 

View our organic innerspring mattresses.

Organic Pocket Coil / Latex Hybrid

  • A hybrid mattress offers both the benefits of a latex mattress and an innerspring mattress combined.  Many people who are shopping for a new mattress are used to the feel and support of a conventional spring mattress, and may not want to purchase something that feels completely different.  With a hybrid mattress, customers can experience the benefits of natural latex while still keeping the familiar feel of a coil support underneath. Furthermore, almost all hybrid mattresses utilize a pocketed coil support. Pocket coils are metal coils wrapped in individual fabric pockets, instead of being connected together with wire. Because of this design they offer superior body contouring and less motion transfer than a traditional coil unit.
  • A hybrid mattress also tends to be lower in price than a full organic latex mattress.  This allows you to still sleep on something organic, without exceeding your budget.

View our hybrid mattresses made from natural latex and pocket coils

Why choose an organic futon mattress

  • An organic futon mattress is perfect for price conscious shoppers to easily afford an all organic mattress. Futon mattresses are also exemplary candidates for custom sizes and guest beds. 
  • If you are looking for a latex free option, we have several organic futons that are made with organic cotton, wool, and/or coils.

Why choose an organic mattress topper

  • Some people do not want to replace their current mattress, but would like to have an organic barrier between themselves and their conventional mattress.  A natural or organic mattress topper is a perfect option to fulfill that need.  Natural and organic mattress toppers can add softness and a pillowtop feel to an organic mattress.  If the pillowtop feel is something you like, a natural mattress topper is a great option.

View our natural and organic mattress toppers.

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Organic Mattresses for Kids

We have a selection of lower priced mattresses that are perfect for kids. Although any of our organic mattresses can be purchased in twin or twin xl size, the lower body weight of children often means that they need less material in order to properly support their bodies.  In our collection of organic kids mattresses, you will find a mixture of lower priced options, mattresses designed specifically for kids, and thinner mattresses.  All of these mattresses are designed to keep toxins and synthetics away from your children while having the longevity to keep them sleeping happy and healthy through their childhood years.

Why Choose an Organic Crib Mattress

We feel extremely passionate about keeping babies away from chemicals, and since babies spend so much time sleeping, an organic crib mattress is the best way to ensure  they are safe from harmful toxins. Never made with any chemical flame retardants, and always with all natural and organic materials, this is an important investment into your child’s future health. We sell both organic latex and organic innerspring crib mattresses so you can choose what best fits your needs.