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Trends in Sleep: Couples are Using Two Twin XL Mattresses for an Adjustable Bed or for Better Sleep Quality

You don’t have to be a couple in a 60s TV show to choose to sleep on two Twin beds! Couples these days often choose to sleep on two Twin XL (Extra Long) mattresses because, when pushed together, they are the same size as a Two Twin XL Mattresses Equal a King MattressKing size mattress! There are some great advantages for couples using two Twin XL mattresses instead of a King size from reducing motion transfer, being able to use an adjustable bed frame, and the ability to choose completely different mattresses.  Please note, you do need to choose Twin XL size (which is 80” long) and not Twin size (which is 75” long) if you want to match the size of a King. 

Reduced Motion Transfer

A couple may choose to use two Twin XL mattresses instead of a King mattress for reduced motion transfer.  No matter the type of mattress (even if you have a mattress that is supposed to reduce motion transfer) one person can upset the other’s sleep by moving around in bed or getting in and out of bed.  You greatly reduce or eliminate the motion transfer between partners by sleeping on separate beds.  However, you don’t have to have the beds placed feet apart with a nightstand in between like those reminiscent black and white TV shows.  You can place two Twin XL mattresses together and achieve the same look as if you were using a King mattress.

Twin XL Mattresses for Adjustable Bed Frames

 Another reason a couple may choose two Twin XL mattresses instead of a King size is for use on an adjustable bed.  An adjustable bed frame has mechanical components that allow the head and/or the foot of the bed to incline, together or separately.  This is helpful for people who need to sleep inclined for medicalAdjustable Bed Frame reasons, or just like to be comfortable while they read or watch TV in bed.  If you have a queen mattress that you use with an adjustable bed frame, both people have to be at the same level of incline or flat at the same time.  However, if you choose a split King adjustable bed frame, you can place two Twin XL mattresses on it and each partner can incline or lay flat as they wish without disturbing the other partner.  Our Twin XL organic latex mattresses work great on adjustable bed frames as the structure of organic latex is flexible and can flex and move as the adjustable frame inclines and declines.  We also have some organic pocket coil mattresses that also work on an adjustable bed frame.

Sleep on Different Mattresses

If partners have widely different preferences for the type of mattress they sleep on, this is another reason to choose two Twin XL mattresses instead of a King size.  You can each choose the exact mattress you find comfortable and benefits your sleep.  The only thing to keep in mind is that the height of different mattresses varies widely, so you may want to aim to choose mattresses that have the same height so there isn’t a height differential between the two mattresses.  We offer many organic mattresses that vary from plush and soft to quite firm, and made out of different materials like natural latex, pocket coils, and innersprings.  We’d be happy to help you figure out the best fit for your comfort and sleep quality.

How to Make Your Bed

There are a variety of ways that you can outfit 2 Twin XL beds, depending on if you want the aesthetic of a King bed or if you are more concerned with reducing motion transfer.

The first option would be to have completely separate bedding for both beds; so, sheets, blankets and comforters all in Twin XL size. This would be the best option if you want absolutely no motion transfer between partners at night and you are not worried about the aesthetic of two separate beds.  

The second option would be to use two Twin XL sheet sets (Twin XL fitted and Twin XL flat sheets) but place a King duvet or comforter over the two beds.  This reduces most motion, except what might take place through the comforter, and it will appear exactly the same as a King size mattress.  

A third option would be to keep all of your bedding as King size.  The fitted King size sheet will fit over the two Twin XL mattresses. This will give the appearance and feel of sleeping in a King size bed with the benefit of the motion isolation that takes place through the mattress itself. This would not work on an adjustable bed if you want each side to incline independently.

Made up BedLast, if you would like the motion isolation and/or use adjustable bed frames but still want to share the sheets with your partner, you can use 2 Twin XL fitted sheets but keep your top sheet and comforter as King size. This option reduces most motion transfer but you can still have skin to skin contact with your partner and it will appear exactly the same as a King size mattress when the bed is made.

We have a nice variety of Twin XL and King size organic bedding, including organic sheets, organic blankets, and organic comforters. If you plan on using Twin XL fitted sheets and King size flat sheet, just keep in mind you can buy organic sheet separates, you do not have to buy sheet sets and then discard the pieces you are not using.  We don’t offer separates to order directly through our online site, but they offered in most brands that we sell, we are happy to place a custom order for you, please contact us.