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Why Buying Natural Wool Carpet is a Smart and Healthy Choice

Why Buying Natural Wool Carpet is a Smart and Healthy Choice

Choosing natural broadloom wool carpeting and/or area rugs for your home is a big part of creating a healthy, toxic ...
sleep and immune

The Role Sleep Plays in Keeping Us Healthy: Sleep and Our Immune Function

Most of us know that sleep plays a huge role in keeping us healthy which makes it paramount to stay ...
Immune Cell Function

How organics can help boost immune function and prevent against infectious disease

It is widely known that our immune system is our first line of defense against illness. There are many ways ...
Organic Wool Fill

Wool and Sleep Quality

People tend to sleep more soundly on a mattress that uses natural fibers. A sleep study conducted by Peter R ...
Nomad Pecos Lite Platform Bed Frame

Nomad Natural Platform Bed Frame Assembly Tips and Tricks

Nomad natural platform bed frames are fairly easy to assemble! They are easier to assemble with two people but also ...
Win an Organic Chenille Blanket!

Win an Organic Chenille Blanket!

As the winter weather rolls in, holiday music is playing, and we are all busy buying gifts for our loved ...
Custom Size Organic Mattress for a Campervan

Ordering a Custom Organic Camper Van Mattress

Over the last couple of years I’ve become very interested in climbing, camping, and hiking. Very recently I have been ...
Natural Platform Bed With Solid Wood

A Guide To Nomad Furniture Premium Options

Nomad Furniture is a fantastic manufacturer of well built, affordable, natural platform bed frames.  In addition to the features that ...
Pocket Coil vs Latex Mattress

Organic pocket coil mattresses versus organic latex mattresses : which is better?

Organic pocket coil mattresses have become much more popular recently.  For years, organic latex mattresses have dominated the market. Now, ...
Why You Shouldn't Buy an Organic Crib Mattress

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Organic Crib Mattress

I don’t feel strongly enough about keeping our babies free from toxins. In fact, wanting to keep my own baby ...
Organic Mattress Pads

Organic Mattress Pads

You know those advertisements that the “big guys” use? The ads that say “By the time your mattress is 7 ...
Organic Sofa

Chemical-free, natural, and organic sofas: where to find one, and why you need one

I started The Natural Sleep Store 12 years ago because I bought a memory foam mattress that smelled so bad ...