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Customize Your Organic Mattress

For Bella Sera Organic Mattresses, three firmness options are available for each layer of latex: “soft,” “medium,” or “firm.” You can then decide whether you’d like solid layers of latex, or whether you’d like it split down the center to allow for different firmnesses on each side of the mattress. The latex is wrapped in an organic cotton and organic wool cover with a zipper.


After you receive your mattress, you can move the layers up or down to achieve different levels of firmness. The softer layers of latex are generally placed on top, while the firmer layers are layered on the bottom; however, layers can be placed in any combination to best suit your comfort and desired firmness level.
At the time of purchase, we encourage customers to choose layers softer than they would expect to like.
For example, let’s say you originally choose three layers: soft on top, soft in the middle, and medium on the bottom. If, once you receive your Bella Sera organic mattress, you find it a bit too soft, you can rearrange your layers to have soft on top, medium in the middle, and soft on the bottom.
If these layers feel too soft, try placing the medium on top with the two soft layers on the bottom. Split layers can be moved back and forth between sides, allowing you more flexibility. The 3-layer Nove 3 mattress allows for several different layering options, and the 4-layer Nove 4 expands your options even further.

Perfect for You

Though it can be difficult to make a decision to purchase a mattress you have not tried in-person, one of our trained sleep specialists can help you find the ideal mattress according to your unique sleep needs. The specialist will ask you a range of questions, including your sleeping position(s) and desired mattress feel, to help you select the best fit. We also offer the ease of online firmness suggestions. Either way, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your mattress, you can purchase a new layer or switch around your current layers. Even trying out a Bella Sera Organic Mattress in the store is not foolproof; a short “test run” on a mattress in a store isn’t always enough indicator of how the mattress will feel after a whole night of sleep. These are some of the many reasons we love this mattress! With so many options to make it perfect, you are never stuck with a mattress that doesn’t meet your unique sleep needs.