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Committed to purity, Organic Mattresses Inc. known as OMI offers certified organic and pure products. The Natural Sleep Store carries the Rossa pocket coil organic mattresses unsurpassed in price and quality.

OMI Rossa Pocket Coil Organic Mattress

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The Rossa certified organic pocket-coil mattress offers customizable comfort in the popular combination of latex and coils. The Rossa utilizes pocket coils as a base later and adds a layer of organic latex on the surface that is customizable. This latex layer is available in plush, medium or firm. A certified organic quilted cotton and wool zippered cover encases the coils and latex for superior comfort. OMI’s dedication to purity makes the Rossa pocket-coil mattress kind to the body as well as the environment. Part of OMI’s Rest Collection.

$1,699.00$5,049.00 A certified organic, customizable, pocket coil mattress at remarkable prices! Sale ends September 30th!
OMI Rossa Pocket Coil Organic Mattress with Sculpted Latex Top

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This version of the popular certified organic Rossa Pocket-coil Organic mattress features a coil base and a layer of soft sculpted latex on top that is unique to OMI. This plush layer of sculpted latex provides greater air circulation and additional pressure-point relief. OMI’s signature quilted cover made with certified organic cotton and organic wool encase the coils and latex, putting the finishing touch on this plush yet supportive mattress. The sculpted latex later is not customizable. For customizable latex firmness options, please see the Rossa Pocket Coil Mattress. Part of OMI’s Rest Collection.

$1,899.00$5,399.00 A certified organic pocket coil mattress with a plush sculpted latex top. Sale ends September 30th!
OMI Organic Spiral Wool Pillow

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This economical GOTS certified organic pillow offers all the benefits of wool with a soft, springy, and resilient fill.  Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers alike, our spiraled wool pillow is soft and supportive in a medium loft. A luxurious, 300-thread count cotton sateen cover provides a comforting, cooling sleep. Our spiraled wood is created by tumbling raw wool fiber until spiral shaped balls are formed, and this unique spiral shape ensures optimal support and comfort. All of our wool is GOTS certified organic, so you’re guaranteed a completely natural, non-toxic pillow.


$85.00$115.00 GOTS certified organic spiraled wool pillow in a medium fill.
OMI Organic Carded Wool Pillow

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The OMI GOTS certified organic wool pillow comes in 3 different fill weights (light, medium, and full) to accommodate different sleeping preferences. Organic wool resists dust mites and wicks moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.

$99.00$159.00 GOTS certified organic carded wool pillow in different fills.
OMI Organic Innerspring Crib Mattress

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An extra-firm 260-coil innerspring assembly is covered with GOTS-certified organic cotton and GOTS-certified organic wool batting, then hand-tufted between four layers of GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric. The OMI organic innerspring crib mattress is a comfortable and truly non-compromising certified organic mattress that is built to last.

$599.00 $499.00 GOTS certified organic crib mattress.
OMI Organic Rubber Crib Mattress

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The OMI organic rubber crib mattress is made from 100% GOLS certified organic extra firm latex rubber covered with a GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric quilted to GOTS-certified organic wool batting. The perfect choice for baby when parents are concerned about dust mites or wish to give baby a metal-free bed. This certified organic rubber crib mattress offers a comfortable, solid support, and will last for years. Great for cribs that convert to toddler beds.

$599.00 $499.00 GOTS certified organic rubber crib mattress.
OMI Certified Organic Wool Comforter

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The OMI Certified Organic Wool Comforter is GOTS certified and made to the highest purity standards. Plush layers of premium certified organic wool are quilted into soft, certified organic cotton sateen cover fabric. Wool has superior insulating qualities by trapping air between the fibers, providing lightweight warmth. This comforter is considered all season for year round comfort.

$449.00$599.00 GOTS certified organic wool comforter.
OMI Organic Wool Moisture Pad

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The OMI Wool moisture pad is made from organic wool and is GOTS certified. The organic wool is woven in a way that produces a water resistant fabric. Soft and light, it is a natural alternative to plastic or vinyl mattress protectors. Use this pad to help protect from soiling due to heavy night sweats, incontinence, or other moisture-related concerns.  For small amounts of moisture, this pad will work well by itself, however, it is not waterproof, so for larger moisture concerns, you can achieve total mattress protection by layering a cotton mattress pad over this wool moisture pad. This seamless, woven wool protector has elastic corner straps to keep the pad in place (crib and puddle-pad sizes have no corner straps).

$89.00$499.00 GOTS certified organic wool moisture pad to protect your mattress from moisture.
OMI Organic Mattress Barrier Cover

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Made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, these covers are recommended for bed-bug and dust-mite protection.  Great for people who have allergies to dust and dander.  Made in a variety of sizes to accommodate mattresses from 8-16 inches.  If the depth of your mattress is not an exact match for the depths offered, please choose a size up (for example, if you have a 7 inch mattress, please choose an 8 inch depth).  Made slightly oversized to accommodate shrinkage.

$239.00$429.00 GOTS certified organic mattress barrier cover in different depths.