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Royal-Pedic Organic Mattresses and Toppers

Royal-Pedic offers two distinct mattress lines, of which The Natural Sleep Store is proud to carry the Royal-Pedic Mattress collection made with all organic materials. In addition to Royal-Pedic’s mattresses, The Natural Sleep store also offers Royal-Pedic mattress toppers made with natural talalay latex, organic cotton and chemical-free French Wool, Royal-Pedic combines the finest quality materials from around the world with expert craftsmanship to bring you a restful, healthful, re-energizing night’s sleep.


Royal-Pedic uses fine organic materials in their mattresses and toppers. View more information about the Royal-Pedic organic cotton, wool, and natural talalay latex.

History of Royal-Pedic

A manufacturer of high-end mattresses and mattress toppers, Royal-Pedic—“The Healthy Mattress,” was founded in 1946 in Los Angeles CA. The founder, Abe Kaplan, learned the craft of mattress making at the prestigious Heals of London, a mattress manufacturer with a 300 year history of making mattresses for England’s Royal Family and other dignitaries. Soon after settling in Los Angeles, Kaplan’s Royal-Pedic mattresses became the premier choice for Los Angeles based designers. Numerous film stars and six U.S. Presidents were Royal-Pedic clients, including Ronald Regan who slept on a custom 84”x 84” mattress, and John F. Kennedy, who insisted on a Royal-Pedic mattress wherever he traveled. The Kelemen family purchased Royal-Pedic in 1984, which to this day uses the finest natural materials in mattress making and maintain the tradition of hand crafted quality and high standards.