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Suite Sleep Organic Mattresses and Bedding

The Natural Sleep Store offers a variety of Suite Sleep products including organic mattresses, toppers, and organic bedding. Suite Sleep is located in Boulder Colorado and places emphasis on high quality organic products with a low carbon footprint.

Some of our customer favorites are the beautiful and comfortable pillows made by Suite Sleep. We love these Suite Sleep organic pillows since they come with a zipper in an organic cotton cover, which allows you to add or remove filling to find your optimal comfort level. The Natural Sleep Store offers the Suite Sleep Contour Pillow, the Suite Sleep Latex Noodle, and the Suite Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow.

Our top selling Little Lamb is a natural rubber mattress geared towards kids at an economical price. Combined with the Little Lamb toppers, the Little Lamb mattress is part of the “Grow With Me” system designed to grow with your child to adulthood.

We carry several other Suite Sleep organic mattress models and toppers. The Suite Sleep Suite Dreams and the Suite Essential have a natural rubber core surrounded by layers of organic wool and a stretch knit fabric while the Portfolio offers many customization options. The Suite Sleep Natural Rubber Topper is made of 2 inches of soft natural latex and covered in organic wool quilted to a beautiful organic cotton knit.

Be sure to protect your organic mattress with a Suite Sleep Organic Cotton Mattress Pad or a Washable Wool mattress pad!

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More about the natural and organic materials used by Suite Sleep

Made in the USA with a low carbon footprint! Suite Sleep products are made to last significantly longer than their conventional counterparts by using high quality natural materials. Replacing products less frequently means less waste in landfills and conserving raw materials.


All of the wool used by Suite Sleep is sourced in the USA, no importing from New Zealand or Peru. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of the material.  These USA growers use the best animal husbandry practices and the sheep get to graze on natural land never used for agriculture, guaranteeing that it is free from contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.  Their fleece, shorn from live animals, is also processed domestically, washed with hot water and vegetable based soaps and without the addition of any chemical agents.

Suite Sleep American Dream Wool is used in Suite Sleep mattress toppers. American Dream Wool is sourced right along the Front Range in Colorado just miles from the Suite Sleep plant.

The washable wool, found only in the washable wool mattress pad and washable wool comforter, is slightly different from EcoWool in that it is washed with a chlorine based solution to remove the scales on the wool fiber that generally cause it to shrink when washed.  This chlorine based solution is completely rinsed off and the factory adheres to the strictest EPA standards in water treatment.

Organic Cotton

All of the Suite Sleep organic cotton is GOTS certified and all of the knit fabrics (mattress ticking, cotton mattress pad, and pillow cover fabrics) are milled in the US and Canada.  Sateen fabrics (pillow encasement fabric and some mattress pad fabric) are imported from India.  Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and uses less water to grow than conventional cotton.  It is processed without harsh chemicals and finished naturally using low impact dyes.

Organic Latex

The latex is GOLS certified organic and comes from Sri Lanka.  The rubber is harvested by tapping the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree which produces for many years before being harvested, used for wood, and replanted.  Natural rubber plantations are great to help sustain the local economy as jobs are created while not depleting the natural resources of the country.  The plantations are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, their processes certified by EcoInstitute and their practices are Fair Trade certified. The natural rubber sap itself is converted into natural rubber foams for use in mattresses and bedding by adding air, natural soap, and natural vulcanization agents, thus creating a healthy and sustainable product.

History of Suite Sleep

In 2003 Suite Sleep emerged as the newest company in the organic mattress and bedding industry. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Suite Sleep’s products are made with chemical free, natural and organic ingredients. The mission that the company upholds is as follows: “Suite Sleep is committed to being a leader in the natural bedding industry by providing the highest quality products with the best customer service using the most efficient distribution channels at an affordable price. Our commitment to the environment drives us to continually evaluate our product designs and processes to bring the best green products to market.”