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What’s the BEST organic mattress?

“What is the best organic mattress?” That is a question we get frequently at The Natural Sleep Store. Our customers call or come in wanting guidance to find THE BEST organic mattress. There are a variety of natural and organic mattresses on the market these days; cotton and wool innerspring mattresses, customizable latex, non-customizable latex, customizable innerspring and even futon-style mattresses.

When choosing “the best” organic mattress, it’s important to first consider general requirements. Are there allergies or sensitivities that might rule out certain materials? Is chronic pain an issue? How different are your sleeping requirements compared to those of your partner? Is price a consideration–are there budget concerns, or is top-of-the-line luxury most important?  

Some people deal with chronic pain, so the best organic mattress for them will address that issue, providing additional support or extra cushion. Natural and organic latex mattresses are becoming very popular choices and we have found that they are typically the best fit because latex conforms to the body while allowing freedom of movement. These mattresses are also a great choice for couples who have different sleeping preferences—back, side, stomach, or a mixture of all three, along with different comfort preferences—from extra firm to ultra plush, as many of them are customizable, allowing for different firmnesses on each side of the bed. Natural and organic latex is also very durable—maintaining it’s shape and comfort longer than conventional mattresses. It’s not unheard of for an organic latex mattress to last 20 years or more!    
Two of our top-selling mattresses are by Bella Sera (especially the Bella Sera Nove 3) and Sueno (especially the Sueno Suerte). Both mattresses are constructed using layers of natural and organic latex that can be customized with different firmnesses—soft, medium or firm. Queen and King sized mattresses have the option of customizing  each side with a different firmness. They both fall in the middle range for affordability and luxury when it comes to natural and organic mattress, and because of the customization aspect, are a good option for those who have chronic pain/injuries, and for couples who have different sleeping styles.

Organic mattress choices also run from affordable to super-luxury. If luxury is key when looking for the best organic mattress, natural and organic beds by Green Sleep and Royal Pedic are ideal. Like Bella Sera and Sueno, Green Sleep mattresses have layers of latex that are customizable. Each latex layer is wrapped in organic cotton and the natural wool and soft organic cotton velour of the encasement creates a luxurious, high-end finish. Royal Pedic uses a talalay latex wrapped in French wool and organic cotton creating a supportive, top-of-the-line mattress.

If the best organic mattress is more budget-friendly, there are some great choices.  Futon-style mattresses by Sleepy Sheep and Soaring Heart  and the Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe by Naturepedic are our most economical options. Although each of these mattresses are only available in one firmness, if affordability is the main concern when looking for the “best organic mattress” these will be at the top of the list. The Soaring Heart Futon-style mattress and the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Deluxe also hit the mark if the best organic mattress needs to be latex-free.

The Naturepedic EOS and EOS Pillowtop mattresses offer customization using a combination of support  coils, microcoils and latex. Queen and King sized matresses can have different firmness on each side of the bed as well. These Naturepedic models can be configured with or without latex. Naturepedic mattresses have a PLA layer—ploylactide derived from non-GMO potatoes. This layer is located directly under the wool and provides moisture control and is resistant to body impressions. It does not off-gas harmful chemicals and can be a great alternative for those sensitive to wool.

Since The Natural Sleep Store offers natural and organic mattresses that are free from harmful chemicals and flame retardants, chemical sensitivities should not be a concern with our products. The mattresses we carry are made primarily from organic cotton, organic wool, natural and organic latex, untreated springs/coils, or any mixture of those four. There are some people who have a general sensitivity to latex, or even wool, and while these situations are rare, in those instances the perfect organic mattress just might be an all cotton one! We offer an all cotton (with an innerspring) mattress by Royal Pedic that is available with a doctor’s note.

The truth is there are many “best” organic mattresses! The best one for you might not be the best one for me. The number of choices available might seem a little overwhelming, but because people are unique and have different sleeping requirements and preferences, it’s actually a good thing! The best mattress is an organic mattress, and the best organic mattress is one that is healthy, comfortable, and fits your sleeping style/preference.