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Soaring Heart Organic Cotton and Wool Futon

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This futon features organic cotton surrounded by a layer of organic wool that provides moisture, mildew and dust mite resistance as well as regulating temperature. The cotton and wool are encased in a organic cotton twill. This futon is latex free for latex sensitive customers.

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Inside the Soaring Heart Organic Futon

The Soaring Heart Organic Cotton and Wool Futon is hand made using the highest quality organic materials and is perfect for anyone looking for the classic firm feel of a futon. Constructed with an organic cotton core surrounded by organic wool, the materials start at about 27 inches of loft before being skillfully worked down to the 7 inches of the finished futon. The organic wool will provide resistance to moisture, mildew and dust mites. It also regulates temperature giving you a comfortable nights sleep. The futon is encased in an organic cotton twill. A new futon is approximately 7 to 8 inches tall and will settle to 6 to 7 inches with use. This is a latex free futon for customers who are latex sensitive. Soaring Hearts recommends the use of an organic mattress pad to increase the life of your futon. A slatted bed frame should be used with futons to provide proper ventilation.

As is expected with any products made with natural batting, body impressions will likely occur and are considered normal. To reduce body impressions, frequently flip and rotate your futon. Please read Full Care Instructions


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