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Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter


Discover the ultimate sleeping experience with our luxurious comforters, crafted from the finest 400-thread count GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen. Nestled within is the softest, GOTS-certified organic merino wool, sourced from ethically raised sheep in the pristine Kyrgyz Republic, ensuring each comforter is a testament to organic purity and comfort. Ideal for all seasons, this comforter promises year-round bliss, with a lighter option available for those who prefer a more delicate touch. Rigorously tested for safety, our comforters are free from arsenic, lead, and VOCs, guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep. With a wool density of 16 oz per square yard, it’s not just about warmth, but a promise of unparalleled quality and comfort. Each comforter is thoughtfully presented in a reusable, biodegradable cotton bag, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 5-year warranty.

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Product SKU:SAB-C

Please note, comforter does not have corner ties or loops

Comforter size and weight:

  • Crib: 35″ x 53″, 3.1 pounds
  • Twin: 66″x86″, 7.4 pounds
  • Queen: 90″x90″, 10 pounds
  • King: 102″x90″, 11.3 pounds

Wash and Care instructions:

  1. To ensure your new comforter performs its very best and lasts as long as it’s designed, we highly recommend you protect it with a duvet cover.
  2. You may spot clean the cotton cover of your comforter with a soft brush and mild detergent, allowing it to air dry completely before putting it back into the duvet cover.
  3. For major stains that get through the duvet cover and comforter cover, we recommend eco-friendly dry cleaning on a short cycle with limited moisture.
  4. Regular sunning and airing of your new comforter will naturally revitalize and disinfect your wool bedding. Many of our customers choose to sun and air their comforter while their duvet cover is in the wash to keep up a consistent routine!

Understanding the Aroma of Merino Wool

The sweet smell of Merino wool assures you’re receiving the true, organic Merino wool product and it’s free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetics. Wool aroma is appealing to the senses and helps induce a relaxed, healthy, and comforting sleep environment. It will dissipate within a few days after opening.