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We have a variety of different organic and natural comforter options to keep you warm and cozy at night. Our selection of organic comforters are always made with 100% certified organic cotton fabric and filled with a variety of materials like organic cotton, organic wool, alpaca or washable wool. Available in a variety of weights, these comforters are a breathable, natural alternative to conventional comforters.

Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter

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These amazing comforters are made from a 300 thread count organic cotton sateen fabric with USDA certified organic merino wool quilted in between. The sheep are raised organically in the Kyrgyz Republic and the wool is processed organically. Comforters have been tested to be free of arsenic, lead, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Comes in a reusable cotton bag.

$149.00$339.00 All season organic merino wool comforter. A customer favorite!
Coyuchi Double-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter

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The GOTS certified Coyuchi Double-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter offers mid-weight warmth with the easy care and breathability of cotton. Organic cotton batting is layered between Coyuchi’s best-selling, 300-thread-count organic sateen for a luxuriously soft feel.   Double box stitching adds a nice pattern and keeps the fill evenly distributed to avoid cold spots or clumping.

$248.00$348.00 A beautiful mid-weight 100% organic cotton comforter.
Coyuchi Organic Cotton Comforter

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A versatile basic layer, the Coyuchi Organic Cotton Comforter provides lightweight warmth. Use it on its own like a quilt or layer it with blankets. Cotton fibers give this piece a heavier, cooler feel than down—the weight and warmth are more comparable to a synthetic comforter, but made of 100% organic cotton inside and out. 220 thread count organic percale outer. Box-stitching keeps the fill evenly distributed, and the all-cotton construction makes the comforter easy to care for. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton sourced and woven in India

$198.00$298.00 A lightweight 100% organic cotton comforter.
Suite Sleep Washable Wool Comforter

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Three cheers for washable wool! The Suite Sleep Washable Wool Comforter is super washed to remove the scales, allowing it to be washed and hold its shape—no clumping or felting. The cover is made with a soft, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sateen that is diamond quilted to hold the wool fill in place. It’s a light weight comforter making it perfect for year-round, all season comfort. The Suite Sleep Washable Wool Comforter is made oversized to allow for shrinkage, but should always be washed in cold and dried flat or on “air dry” in the dryer.

$359.00$479.00 A light weight machine washable wool comforter made with organic cotton!
Crescent Moon Alpaca Wool Duvet / Comforter

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Crescent Moon duvets (comforters) feature 100% natural, organically grown Alpaca wool from Canada for superior warmth and comfort. The duvets are handcrafted with 260 thread count organic cotton and come in both heavy and light weight.

$472.00$830.00 High quality, hand crafted Alpaca wool duvets from western Canada.
Sleepy Sheep Natural Wool Comforter

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The Sleepy Sheep wool comforter is soft as a cloud and one of The Natural Sleep Store’s most affordable wool comforters.   The comforters are handmade in Portland Oregon with thick layers of 100% natural, pure virgin eco-valley wool (wool farmed in the Pacific Northwest) and encased in an organic cotton damask cover. These wool comforters are hand tufted with wool yarn. Winter weight comforters have 1 – 2 lbs more wool than all season comforters (depending on size). Regardless of your sleeping surface a natural wool comforter will improve your sleeping experience. Spot clean only.



$272.00$573.00 Affordable and cozy wool fill comforter
Sleeptek Organic Wool Fill Comforter

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Wrap yourself in breathable warmth with the Sleeptek Como Organic Wool Filled Comforter. Made from 100% GOTS certified organic wool quilted to certified organic pima cotton in natural, undyed ivory, this comforter is as attractive as it is warm. Wool is breathable and naturally regulates body temperature and moisture which makes it ideal for year-round use. Circle quilting keeps the carded wool in place‚ not drifting to the corners and edges, allowing for even coverage. The Sleeptek Organic Wool Filled Comforter is available in Fall Weight (All Season Weight), appropriate for colder seasons and cooler climates; and Summer Weight, recommended for summer months and warmer climates. Spot clean only. Read more about the  organic wool, and organic cotton used in this organic comforter.

$414.00$780.00 Organic wool comforter encased in organic cotton. Two weights to choose from!
OMI Certified Organic Wool Comforter

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The OMI Certified Organic Wool Comforter is GOTS certified and made to the highest purity standards. Plush layers of premium certified organic wool are quilted into soft, certified organic cotton sateen cover fabric. Wool has superior insulating qualities by trapping air between the fibers, providing lightweight warmth. This comforter is considered all season for year round comfort.

$449.00$599.00 GOTS certified organic wool comforter.

Beautifully made, these comforters are made to keep you warm and comfortable. Choose the organic comforter that best suits your climate: Sleep and Beyond, OMI, and Savvy Rest offer an “all season” weight while Sleepy Sheep and Crescent Moon offer summer weight (light) and fall weight (heavy) comforters. If you are looking for a comforter that can be washed, Suite Sleep offers a washable natural wool comforter. For a wonderful vegan option Coyuchi offers a beautiful double stitched organic cotton comforter. Beautifully crafted, comfortable, and organic, you can’t go wrong with any of these organic comforters!