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Organic Comforters, Duvets, and Quilts

Explore our range of organic and natural comforter options, ensuring cozy warmth for your peaceful nights. Crafted with 100% certified organic cotton fabric and filled with a selection of materials such as organic cotton, wool, alpaca, silk, or washable wool. Choose from various weights for a breathable, natural alternative to conventional bedding.

Comforters, Duvets, Duvet Covers, and Quilts

What is the difference between a comforter, duvet, and a quilt? In regards to a comforter and duvet, there is no difference between the products. The terms are used interchangeably. A comforter/duvet is a type of bedding that is made with two layers of fabric sewn together with insulative materials in between. “Duvet” is a french word originally referring to down fill, the under feathers of duck and geese, often used in jackets, sleeping bags, and bedding. Nowadays, in addition to down, comforters/duvets are filled with many different materials from polyester and other synthetics to more natural fills like wool, alpaca, silk, and cotton.  Choosing an all natural and organic comforter provides peace of mind that your product is free from all toxins, while ensuring a sustainable product for the environment. An organic comforter is made from your natural fill of choice and then encased in two layers of organic cotton fabric.

A duvet cover has multiple purposes. Not only does it add a decorative touch, but just as a pillow case protects a pillow, and bed sheets protect a bed, a duvet cover protects the comforter/duvet inside. These covers are removable and washable to make bed maintenance quick and easy. 

Quilts, on the other hand, differ substantially from comforters and duvets. Although quilts are also made from batting, or fill, sewn in between two layers of fabric, they are designed to be thinner and more structured. Quilts are more ornate in nature with different patterns in the quilted stitching, and while comforters are typically just meant to keep you warm in bed, quilts are more versatile and also work well with couches or chairs.

When to choose an organic comforter, organic quilt, or an organic blanket

If you sleep colder, are looking to stay cozy during the winter months, or prefer more warmth and weight at night, an organic comforter is the way to go. Organic comforters will make sure you stay toasty as you fall asleep until you wake in the morning. If light and embellished is more your style, a quilt might be a perfect choice. Quilts are much thinner and do not insulate quite as much. They are great for summer nights and adding an elaborate touch to any room. Organic blankets are even thinner than quilts, generally consisting of just a single layer of fabric. Blankets can be layered and customized to your exact needs at night.

Different Types of Organic Comforter Fills: Cotton, Wool, and Alpaca

When it comes to natural wool, silk, and alpaca comforters, there are many similarities. These fills tend to be our customer’s favorites, unless you have a sensitivity/allergy to wool or if you prefer vegan bedding. All have amazing moisture wicking properties, and tend to last a long time. If you love the way down feels, alpaca is a great cruelty-free alternative. Alpaca’s guard hair, similar to that of a polar bear, is hollow. This allows air to get trapped inside the hairs, insulating extremely well. Along with this, alpaca hair is a loose fiber, with less structure than wool. These factors combined provide a light, lofty product which insulates incredibly well. Wool, on the other hand, is a more structured and heavy fiber. It is very coarse with microscopic barbs. This is why wool “shrinks” when washed. However, contrary to popular belief, wool fibers do not shrink. When damp and agitated, these barbs catch and tangle the wool around itself. While it may appear to have shrunk, the wool has actually gotten much tighter and tangled. Silk, renowned as the pinnacle of luxury among natural fibers, excels in temperature regulation and boasts remarkable lightweight comfort. The downside to wool, silk, and alpaca is that they cannot be cleaned as easily as cotton. Most cotton, on the other hand, is generally much easier to care for, most cotton filled products can be spot cleaned or washed in a machine as needed. Cotton is not as warm as wool, which makes it a great option for a cooler product.

How Do You Care for a Comforter, Duvet, or Quilt?

Prior to care please check the cleaning instructions for each individual product. Organic cotton comforters or quilts tend to be the easiest to care for, as most cotton products can be spot cleaned or run through a washing machine on a gentle cycle if cleaning is needed. With wool, silk, and alpaca on the other hand, unless you choose a washable wool comforter,  preventative maintenance is best. While these fills can be spot cleaned on occasion, they are not made for machine washing. If you choose a wool, silk, or alpaca comforter make sure to cover it with an organic duvet cover! Duvet covers can make an outstanding difference in the longevity and quality of your wool/alpaca comforter, since they are so easy to wash. If you are hoping to disinfect or freshen your wool or alpaca comforter, hanging it on a clothesline in the sun is a great option. Ultraviolet light from the sun will disinfect the comforter, without causing any damage to the fill.

Our Organic Comforter Offerings

Beautifully made, organic comforters are designed to keep you warm and snug. With so many options, it is easy to choose the organic comforter that best suits your needs. Sleep and Beyond has “all season” weight comforters, while Sleepy Sheep and Crescent Moon offer summer and fall weight comforters. Holy Lamb Organics offers three different fill weights in both a natural comforter and organic comforter option. Holy Lamb also offers dual weight comforters that can be ordered in different weights on either side. If being able to machine wash is a must, Suite Sleep offers a washable wool comforter. For a vegan option, Coyuchi offers a double stitched organic cotton comforter and a hand stitched quilt. If you want all the benefits of alpaca fiber, choose a Crescent Moon alpaca comforter. For the epitome of indulgence, treat yourself to our Mulberry Silk comforter—crafted with the finest quality for unparalleled luxury. You can’t go wrong with any of these organic comforters!