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100% Mulberry Silk Duvet/Comforter by Ocochi

Unlike any other, these silk comforters/duvets redefine luxury, not just with silk filling or a silk encasement but featuring OEKO-TEX 100% long fiber Mulberry Silk both inside and out. The inside features raw mulberry silk fibers, resembling a luxurious cotton candy. The silk fiber is elegantly encased in sumptuous 22-momme silk fabric adorned with a twisted satin thread piping along the edges. Available exclusively at The Natural Sleep Store and meticulously handcrafted by Ocochi. These comforters offer unmatched softness, elegance, and comfort, available in two distinct versions to suit your needs: all season weight and summer weight comforter.

Both the all season and summer weight duvet/comforter stand out by offering the supreme temperature control silk provides over other natural fibers, ensuring a comfortable, body-contouring embrace for those with temperature sensitivities. Each silk duvet is meticulously adorned with 13 hand-stitched flowers to secure the silk fiber in place, enhancing durability and comfort. Choose the ideal silk comforter to elevate your sleep into a nightly retreat of blissful tranquility.


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Product SKU:OC-C-MS

Comforter Weights

All-Season Silk Comforter: Ideal for year-round use, this version balances fill weight and breathability, providing a perfect sleep environment regardless of the season. Its all-silk construction ensures superior temperature regulation and a luxurious sleep experience every night.

Summer Weight Silk Comforter: Specifically crafted for those in warmer climates or facing hot summers, this lighter option prevents sweaty, restless nights. It’s the ultimate game-changer for anyone seeking relief from heat at night, ensuring cooler and more tranquil rest.

More about Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk fabric originates from the delicate fibers spun by the silkworm Bombyx mori, a species that consumes solely mulberry tree leaves. These silkworms are nurtured on a diet of mulberry leaves until they form their cocoons. Following this, the silk is carefully harvested, cleansed with soap and warm water, and the fibers are subsequently air-dried. Utilizing time-honored weaving methods, these fibers are then spun into the luxurious fabric known for its softness and sheen.

What is 22-momme?

Momme serves as the silk equivalent to cotton’s thread count, a crucial measure of fabric quality. Unlike thread count, which is unsuitable for silk due to its ultra-fine fibers, momme assesses the silk’s weight and density. Essentially, a higher momme indicates a greater concentration of silk strands within 100 yards of fabric, translating to a heavier and denser product. For example, fabric weighing 19 pounds per 100 yards is classified as 19-momme. As momme values increase, so does the quality and durability of the silk, ranging typically from 11-momme to 25-momme. While 19-momme is superior to 11-momme, it’s still on the lower end of the quality spectrum, and 25-momme, being quite heavy, is often reserved for decorative purposes like curtains. The ideal compromise, especially for silk bedding, is 22-momme, offering the perfect balance between quality, comfort, and practicality.

Mulberry Silk Duvet / Comforter Sizes

Full XL/Queen: 94″ x 98″

King: 110″ x 98″