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Freefrom Simple Mattress

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Free from dangerous outgassing, flame retardant chemicals, and polyurethane foam, the Freefrom Simple mattress is simple in the comfort it provides. Organic cotton and natural Joma wool surround two 3 inch layers of natural latex. Each of the two layers are customizable in soft, medium or firm for personalized comfort. For added breathability and pressure relief choose soft convoluted latex as your top layer. Healthy and free from harmful chemicals and materials, this mattress is a dream come true and the ideal choice for kids or adults under 150 pounds.

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More about the Freefrom Simple mattress

The Freefrom Simple mattress is made from two layers of 3″ natural dunlop latex. Each layer is individually wrapped in organic cotton tricot which increases longevity of the latex.


-For the bottom 3″ layer you can choose medium or firm natural dunlop.
-For the top 3″ layer you can choose soft, medium, or firm flat latex or soft convoluted latex.


The mattress cover is made from a GOTS certified knit cotton quilted to two layers of natural Joma wool on the top, and organic cotton canvas quilted to one layer of Joma wool on the bottom.  The cover can zip off so you can see exactly what is inside of the mattress (or to move the layers around to change the firmness feel).
This mattress is ideal for kids or adults weighing less than 150 lbs.


The Freefrom Simple mattress is shipped via UPS with the latex packaged separately from the mattress cover.  To assemble, first you will lay out the mattress cover.  You will then place the layers of latex inside the mattress cover and zip the top on!

Comfort Guarantee

If the comfort level you choose is not exactly right, you can later purchase a new 3″ latex layer in a different firmness level.  For example, if you choose “firm” for your top 3″ layer, and after sleeping on the mattress for a while, you realize it is a bit too firm, you can purchase a new 3″ core in firmness level “medium” or “soft”.  This is not an exchange, so you get to keep both the new latex and the original latex in case you should ever need to switch it again. Comfort guarantees must take place within 3 months from purchase date.


  • -Twin: $200
  • -Twin XL: $200
  • -Full: $250
  • -Queen: $290
  • -King: $350
  • -Cal King: $350
  • -1/2 Queen: $145
  • -1/2 King: $175



Freefrom offers a 20 year manufacturer warranty