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Little Lamb Natural Rubber Mattress by Suite Sleep

The Suite Sleep Little Lamb Natural Rubber Mattress is made just for kids with 6 inches of firm natural dunlop latex. It is covered with American Dream Wool quilted to an organic cotton knit. It has a zippered cover so you can see what is inside. This mattress is perfect for children as it is priced economically and, although thinner than some other natural latex mattresses, it is firm to provide enough support for little backs.


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What’s Inside

The natural dunlop rubber is all natural made from 100% natural rubber. The cotton is certified organic. Absolutely no added chemicals or flame retardants are used in this mattress.

This is a perfect stand-alone kid’s mattress. Or, as part of the “Grow With Me” system, the Little Lamb mattress is the fundamental building block. Additional components can be added to the mattress on occasions when a growing child requires a softer feel for more comfort. This 6 inch mattress is sufficient for a child up to 150 pounds.

The Three Stage “Grow With Me” System

  1. This Little Lamb Mattress is the first step in the three stage system just for kids. This latex mattress is the medium-firm base layer. Each subsequent layer is added as the child grows and can be purchased as a complete system, or separately as needed.
  2. The Little Lamb Wool Topper is the second layer in the three stage program. The topper can be placed on the Little Lamb Mattress for children who desire a soft enveloping feel.
  3. The Little Lamb Latex Topper is the third layer of the three stage system. This topper can go between the mattress and the wool pillowtop to give older children or teenagers a pressure point relieving layer.


The matching foundation

The 9 inch matching foundation is made to be used with this rubber mattress. Solid wood slats are covered in wool and matching organic cotton fabric. The wood is pine harvested from sustainable forests in Oregon and Washington.

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