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Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses

The Natural Sleep Store carries a variety of natural and organic latex mattresses made with pure, chemical-free materials. We carry top name brands for the largest selection of organic, rubber and natural latex mattresses online at unbeatable prices. Customizable mattress options are available!

Why should you want to sleep on a natural or organic latex mattress?

Organic latex mattresses, or natural latex mattresses, have a wide variety of benefits compared to a traditional coil mattress. Natural latex offers superior pressure relief, and without hard metal springs pressing into your body, you can effortlessly avoid sore spots and pressure points. Along with this, if you prefer a softer feel but need adequate support, a firm mattress is not required. Organic latex supports the body effortlessly, meaning a softer configuration provides unmatchable comfort without sacrificing any needed support. This ensures a tranquil, cozy night sleep leaving you well rested in the morning.

The same features of natural latex that provide excellent support prevent motion transfer between couples better than a traditional coil mattress.  On a traditional mattress, when one partner shifts, the other partner can feel every movement as it is easily transferred across the wire coils. Natural latex mutes this motion transfer, preventing light sleepers from being awakened by their partners movements.

Many organic latex mattresses offer firmness customization options both when you buy and after your purchase.  Although some mattresses are just made with one solid layer of latex, most of our products are layered systems  made from 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” layers of organic latex.  Most of our mattress manufacturers allow you to choose the firmness level that best suits your body by allowing you to choose different firmness levels for each of the latex layers.  This allows you to customize your mattress to perfectly cater to your needs.  Additionally, if you need a different feel, we offer the opportunity to exchange or purchase a new layer of latex at a different firmness level after extended use. 

Organic latex mattresses, consisting of natural latex, organic cotton, and wool, create a preferable sleeping environment. These mattresses are helpful in preventing you from sleeping too hot or too cold. Organic latex mattresses are especially breathable, and organic cotton and wool have incredible moisture wicking properties. Compared to traditional mattresses where perspiration becomes trapped, organic latex, cotton, and wool ensure a temperature regulated sleep.

For those who struggle with allergies, organic mattresses are a brilliant option. Due to the moisture wicking properties of natural wool, it is mold and mildew resistant. In addition, dust mites are dissuaded from your mattress. Organic cotton, one of the least reactive materials known, is layered on top of the wool. The barrier this organic cotton provides makes certain your body will never come in direct contact with the natural wool or latex. This guarantees that if you have a contact allergy to wool, you can still sleep peacefully. Reacting to the natural latex contained within a mattress is extremely rare, as the majority of latex allergies are to the chemicals used in synthetic latex products. 

One of the best qualities of organic mattresses is their durability. Stories often come to light from customers who have purchased mattresses elsewhere because they love the in store feel, however within a six month time frame it feels completely different.  Natural latex is one of the most elastic polymers on the planet, and rebounds very well over time. Latex is consistent in feel, and you can expect little to no change in the feel in your mattress as you continue to enjoy sleeping on it.

Our organic and natural latex mattresses are free of chemical flame retardants, synthetic fibers, and chemical treatments that are present in non-natural mattresses. You should avoid sleeping on toxins, as individuals are shown to spend up to ⅓ of their life in bed. Natural latex mattresses allow you to avoid all synthetic chemicals, promising a healthy sleeping environment.  

Read our blog post on the benefits of choosing a natural latex mattress.

How is natural latex made?

Natural latex begins with rubber sap (or serum) from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.  After a rubber tree is planted, it takes 5-7 years for it to begin producing rubber sap.  Sap can be harvested daily for about 25 years.  To harvest, a sliver of bark is removed at a 30 degree angle, and the sap which weeps out is collected in a bucket.  The harvested rubber sap is then mechanically agitated to incorporate air until it becomes a frothy mixture, like beating egg whites.   This mixture of rubber sap and air is poured into a form or mold that is the length and width of a mattress, then baked with steam.  After it has baked, it is taken out, rinsed with water, and dried.

What is the difference between organic latex, natural latex, and blended latex?

Organic latex and natural latex are similar, both being 100% botanical (plant) derived.  The difference is in the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification.  GOLS oversees and verifies that the rubber trees are grown naturally without fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.  Natural latex is still 100% botanical, but does not have the oversight to ensure the trees are grown organically.  

Blended latex differs from natural latex as it is made only partially from natural latex.  The other part is made from styrene butadiene rubber, or SBR- a synthetic made from styrene and butadiene.  The exact ratios differ based on the blended latex manufacturer. Simply because a mattress says it is 100% latex, does not mean it is 100% natural latex.  Make sure to look for 100% natural or organic latex.

What should I look for when purchasing a natural latex mattress?

Customization of firmness level is one of the benefits to a natural latex mattress — look for organic latex mattresses that offer customization options. For example, Bella Sera, Savvy Rest and Suite Sleep allow you to choose firmness levels (ex: soft, medium, or firm) of each different layer of natural latex that comprise the mattress.  Additionally, you can choose different firmness levels for both sides of the mattress.  If you do not like the initial feel, you can rearrange the order of layers inside. In doing this you can achieve an exceedingly different feel. By moving firmer and softer layers up or down such that they are closer or further from the top of the mattress, it is completely customizable to your liking.  All manufacturers listed above offer options to change your latex layers with different firmness levels after purchasing. For more info read our blog post on layered organic latex mattresses.

When looking to avoid chemicals, the purity of natural latex mattresses cannot be topped. The use of certified organic cotton and certified organic wool in all our products guarantees no flame retardants or synthetic flame barriers are used. In addition, make sure the latex is 100% natural or organic and not blended latex. If a fabric cover is used on its own,  find out what is used to meet the flame requirements (just cotton can not meet the federal flammability requirements). In all our mattresses, the latex is 100% natural, never including any chemical flame retardants.

Contact us, we’d love to help you find and customize the perfect organic latex mattress for you!

Mattresses by Bella Sera Organics:

A fantastic mattress made with luxury organic knit fabric, GOTS certified organic wool, and GOLS certified organic latex. This is one of the highest quality and best priced mattresses.You can customize your overall firmness level, and choose different firmness levels for each side of the mattress. This is paired with one of the best comfort guarantee programs in organic mattresses. Click for more information on the Bella Sera Nove 3 Organic Mattress and the Nove 3 Pillowtop Organic Mattress.

Suite Sleep Natural Rubber Mattresses:

Local to The Natural Sleep Store in Colorado, Suite Sleep holds a special place in our heart. Suite Sleep is committed to a low carbon footprint whenever possible, and the manufacturing takes place in the USA. Suite Sleep offers a variety of models to fit your desired comfort, from the kid specific Little Lamb all the way up to their luxury Portfolio Organic Mattress model. Suite Sleep also offers the Suite Dreams mattress that can be customized side to side (queen, king and cal king sizes only) and the simple Suite Essential mattress for the minimalist. Their mattresses are quilted with a German stretch knit fabric for a luxurious feel.

Green Sleep Mattresses:

If you are looking for luxury, you have found it with Green Sleep. In business for over 60 years, Green Sleep produces some of the highest quality mattresses on the market.. Green Sleep mattresses are unmatched in comfort and features. Choose from the Hevea Dolcezza, Hevea Vimala or the Ergo Concept Legacy 9. While not every layer can be customized, you can still customize the firmness level of some layers and split firmness on either side of a Queen, King or California King. Click for more information about Green Sleep.

Royal Pedic Organic Mattresses

The Royal Pedic craftsmanship is unlike any other, and when combined with fine organic materials, this is truly a top tier mattress. In business since 1946, Royal Pedic’s roots are in tradition. Most mattresses are constructed using a traditional european hand tuft, and tend to be on the firm side. They are also one of the few mattresses that can be made in just about any size or shape imaginable. Featuring the Premier Natural Latex Quilt Top Mattress, if you are looking for a traditional luxury mattress it is hard to beat Royal Pedic. Click for more info on Royal Pedic.

Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses:

One of our best sellers is the Organic Serenity by Savvy Rest. This mattress is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool, and GOLS certified organic latex (choose Dunlop or Talalay). Savvy Rest organic latex mattresses can be customized to your desired firmness, and you can customize each side of a Queen, King or California King. Click for more Savvy Rest information or view customer favorites the Organic Serenity Dunlop and Organic Serenity Talalay.

TFS Honest Sleep

TFS Honest Sleep sells a collection of reasonably priced mattresses that incorporate a variety of natural and organic materials.  The simplest, and most popular, featuring a natural latex core is the Ecopure Nest Mattress. They also offer mattresses with organic latex, hemp, coconut fiber, horse tail, and camel fur.  These highly prized materials contribute to mattress longevity, please view the HeartNest Organic Hemp and Latex Mattress or the Royal Cloud Mattress.

OMI Mattresses

If you are looking for purity, OMI is committed to making the cleanest mattresses on the market. Some favorite organic latex mattresses from OMI are the fully customizable DUO and the luxurious Pinnacle. Contact us for more information regarding these mattresses.  Online, we offer the Metta Bed by OMI, a low priced way to get one of the purest and cleanest organic mattresses available.