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Organic, Natural Latex, and Natural Rubber Mattresses

The Natural Sleep Store carries a variety of organic mattresses, including natural latex mattresses and rubber mattresses. We carry all the top name brands for the largest selction of organic, rubber and natural latex mattresses online at unbeatable prices. Make your selection by clicking the images or read below for more about natural latex mattress brands like Bella Sera, Savvy Rest, Green Sleep and many more. Whatever style, or material, The Natural Sleep Store has an organic mattress for you. Read our blog posts on the benefits of choosing a natural latex mattress, or specifically, a layered latex mattress.

Nove 3 Organic Mattress Bella Sera Organic Mattress Organic Serenity Dunlop Organic Latex MattressSavvy Rest mattress Hevea Sognogreen sleep hevea vimala Hevea Dolcezzagreen sleep hevea dolcezza
By Bella Sera Organics ™
$1,530.00 to $4,207.00
On Sale!
Beautiful and customizable organic mattress with nine inches of natural latex!
by Savvy Rest
$1,999.00 to $5,094.00
Our most popular organic latex mattress! Customizable with 9 inches of natural latex.
by Green Sleep
$1,749.00 to $3,878.00
All the luxury of Green Sleep, yet remarkably affordable! A firm natural rubber mattress with 6.5 inches of natural latex.
by Green Sleep
$3,078.00 to $7,434.00
Our High End, Luxury Natural Rubber Organic Mattress With Plush Pillowtop!!

Nove 3 Pillowtop bella pillowtop Euro 4 Natural Rubber Mattresssueno suerte Suerte Natural Rubber Mattresssueno suerte Hevea Vimalagreen sleep hevea vimala
by Bella Sera Organics™
$2,300.00 to $5,417.00
On Sale!
Fully customizable mattress with the added softness of a pillowtop!
Sueno manufactured by Sleeptek
$2,279.00 to $5,459.00
Customize each side! Ten inches of natural rubber in a beautiful knit fabric.
Sueno manufactured by Sleeptek
$1,679.00 to $4,259.00
Customize each side! Eight inches of natural rubber in a beautiful knit fabric.
by Green Sleep
$2,264.00 to $6,334.00
Our High End, Luxury Natural Rubber Organic Mattress.

Nove 4 Organic Mattress nove 4 Organic Serenity Natural Talalaytalalay Kids Collection Natural Rubber Mattresskids rubber Little Lamb Kids Organic Latex Mattresslittle lamb
by Bella Sera Organics™
$1,800.00 to $4,675.00
For those looking for even more customizablilty, 9 inches of latex in 4 customizable layers.

by Savvy Rest
$2,499.00 to $5,994.00
Our best selling Organic Serenity, but made with natural talalay latex.
Sueno Manufactured by Sleeptek
$979.00 to $2,049.00
On Sale!
Kids Rubber Mattress Priced Economically.
by Suite Sleep
$879.00 to $2,017.00
On Sale!

Four or six inches of natural latex covered with organic cotton and wool. Great prices!

Nove 4 Pillowtopbella pillowtop Organic Tranquility Dunloptranquility 6 inch Natural Rubber Mattresssueno Organic 7-zone Quilt Top Natural Latex Mattressroyal pedic 7 zone
by Bella Sera Organics™
$2,570.00 to $5,885.00
This organic mattress has 5 separate layers, being one of the most customizable mattresses you can find.
by Savvy Rest
$1,699.00 to $4,594.00
All the great qualities of Savvy Rest, but with just 6 inches of latex for a firmer feel.
Sueno by Sleeptek
$1,470.00 to $3,690.00
A nicely made basic six inch natural rubber mattress.
Royal Latex by Royal Pedic
$4,129.00 to $9,223.00
7-zone natural talalay latex! Made in Beverly Hills.

Organic Serenity Pillowtoppillowtop Organic Tranquility Natural Talalaytranquility    

by Savvy Rest
$2,799.00 to $6,294.00
Nine inches of natural latex plus 3 inches of natural latex in the pillowtop!

by Savvy Rest
$1,999.00 to $5,194.00
Six inches of natural talalay latex, perfect for kids.

Please read below for a brief description of the different Brands of natural latex mattresses that we carry.  Please click the pictures above for more detailed information on each organic mattress.

Mattresses by Bella Sera Organics™:

  • A fantastic mattress made with a luxury organic knit fabric, certified organic wool, and natural latex.  This is our best priced mattress and one of the nicest!  You can customize your overall firmness level and choose different firmness levels for each side of the mattress.  Click for more Bella Sera Organic mattress information.

Savvy Rest Organic Mattress: 

  • One of our best sellers is the natural latex mattress by Savvy Rest.  This mattress is made with organic cotton, pure wool, and all natural latex (choose natural Dunlop or natural Talalay).  They are reasonably priced and have a great comfort exchange policy.  Additionally, if you choose a natural mattress by Savvy Rest, you can customize the firmness level of each side of a Queen and King. Click for more Savvy Rest information.

Green Sleep Mattresses:

  • If you are looking for a luxury natural mattress, please view more information about our Green Sleep mattresses .  The Green Sleep mattresses are unmatched in comfort and features.  Choose from the Hevea Dolcezza or the Hevea Vimala  You can partially customize the firmness level of each side of a Queen and King.  This organic mattress is exceptionally comfortable and of the highest quality!  Click for more Green Sleep information.

Suerte Natural Rubber Mattresses:

  • Another beautiful Sueno product manufactured by Sleeptek!  Made with 8" of natural latex with options to customize the firmness of each side.  Made with stretchy jersey fabric with a design similar to Green Sleep rubber mattresses.  Comes with a zip-off wool and cotton cover.  Click for more Suerte information

Sueno Natural Rubber Mattresses:

  • These natural rubber mattresses by Sleeptek have either a 6" core of natural rubber or 8" core of natural rubber covered in pure wool and organic cotton.  We feel these mattresses are made from the worlds finest organic materials!  We have great prices on this very popular organic mattress line. Click for more Sleeptek information

Suite Sleep Natural Rubber Mattresses:

  • Suite Sleep has begun a low carbon footprint program, where all of the materials possible, and the manufacturing takes place in the USA.  Beautiful stretchy organic cotton fabric makes these mattresses very comfortable.

Royal Pedic Organic Mattresses

  • These are most likely the worlds finest mattresses. The craftsmanship is unlike any other, and when combined with fine organic materials, this is truly the top of the line in mattresses. Click for more info on Royal Pedic.