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The Benefits of Choosing a Natural Latex Mattress

Many of our customers know that they are interested in choosing a natural sleep alternative, but they come to our store fairly uncertain of what an “organic mattress“ is.  Sometimes, when I tell people that our most popular mattresses are made from natural latex foam, sleepalso called natural rubber foam, they get confused. Many people inquire, “isn’t latex a chemical?” or “is the latex mixed with any unnatural components to become a foam?” Latex is in fact a natural material. Rubber sap or serum is harvested from a tree in a sustainable process that is not much different than how maple syrup is harvested from sugar maples in the North East. The sap is then mixed with other natural products and baked to make the foam that we use in our organic latex mattresses.  It is a blessing that we are able to use this magical sap from the Rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis to create an organic mattress. Beyond the organic nature of latex, a latex mattress can offer so many other wonderful benefits.

Natural latex foam is a very comfortable and supportive sleep surface.  It conforms to your body, offering support where needed to help keep your spine in alignment throughout the night. It also offers freedom of movement—rolling with you instead of keeping you in place.  Natural latex provides cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders allowing for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.  The supportive nature of latex and its ability to relieve pressure point discomfort are two significant benefits to choosing a natural and organic latex mattress.

Natural latex is dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant. Dust mites are unable to live in a natural rubber mattress. If you are sensitive to dust mites choosing a natural latex mattress can often relieve allergies and will let you have a much sounder, less congested sleep.

Our organic latex mattresses are covered in organic cotton and wool. The use of these natural materials allow these mattresses to meet the flame retardant guidelines without using toxic chemicals that can be related to health problems. Compared to conventional mattresses, the absence of chemical flame retardants and synthetic additives in the latex could help to keep long term health problems at bay. The other benefit of organic cotton and organic wool is that it will help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Sleeping directly on the latex would be similar to sleeping on a memory foam mattress in that it could cause you to overheat.  Wool is an amazing fiber that is quilted under the cotton fabric and will help keep you warm when you are cold and conversely keep you cool when you become too warm.

One of the most desirable attributes of a natural latex mattress is the ease of customization. Many latex beds that we sell are made in layers that are held together in an organic cotton and organic wool encasement. The layers allow for customization to meet your comfort level. Not only can you customize the firmness of your mattress, but if you are sharing the mattress with a partner, you can also have different firmness levels on each side of the mattress allowing you and your partner to both get a full, restful night’s sleep

Many people are concerned about organic latex mattresses being a bit pricier than conventional innersprings. The most important factor to look at is the lifespan of a natural latex mattress compared to its conventional innerspring counterpart. An innerspring mattress generally has a lifespan that ranges between 5-10 years, sometimes with body impressions forming within months, whereas a natural latex mattress generally has a lifespan of about 20-30 years with a comparable warranty to back it up. So, although an innerspring mattress might be cheaper up front your natural latex mattress will probably last long enough that you would have purchased 2 or 3 new innersprings (which also lead to fewer mattresses in landfills). Although an organic latex mattress is an investment, you will be spending much less money over the lifespan of the product.

There are so many benefits to sleeping on a latex mattress! The health, comfort, versatility, and financial options are just three very important factors that you might consider when choosing a mattress for you and your loved ones. Give us a call today to chat about what is right for your bedroom and lifestyle!