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Organic Futons and Wool Mattresses

The Natural Sleep Store offers natural organic futon-style mattresses without flame retardants or synthetics.

TFS Organic Cozy Nest Mattress and EcoPure Nest Mattress

The Organic Cozy Nest Mattress is made from micro coils, organic cotton, and organic wool.  Our best priced futon mattress.  The EcoPure Nest mattress is made from organic latex, cotton, and wool!

Soaring Heart Organic Cotton and Wool Futon

The Soaring Heart Futon is made with organic cotton and organic wool with no latex, perfect for people who want a pure and latex-free mattress.

Savvy Rest Pastoral

This is a four and a half inch thick organic wool mattress. Each Savvy Rest Pastoral mattress is hand-made and hand-tufted to organic cotton twill fabric, and flexible enough to be used on a futon-style frame.

The Sleepy Sheep Sublime Futon

The Sleepy Sheep Sublime Futon has a three inch core of natural or organic latex surrounded by layers of organic cotton batting and pure virgin eco valley wool. This is a medium/firm mattress approximately 8 inches thick.