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Sleeptek Kama Flex Lift Natural Rubber Mattress

The Kama Flex Lift mattress by Sleeptek (previously called the Euro 4 by Sueno) is a customizable mattress with maximum comfort in mind. The mattress is ten and a half inches thick and divided into three layers of GOLS certified organic latex rubber; four inches for the bottom layer, four inches in the middle and two inches on top. The bottom layer is the foundation layer in your choice of medium or firm. For the middle layer, choose soft, medium or firm to create a plush mattress, one with firm support, or something in between. The two-inch top piece is always extra soft Dunlop latex for ultimate pressure point relief. The organic rubber is encased in an organic cotton and wool quilting cover: stretchy organic cotton knit on top and organic cotton canvas on the bottom. The Kama Flex Lift is a mattress of exceptional comfort.



Availability: This product has been discontinued.

4 inch Middle Layer Firmness Level

Please select your desired firmness level.
There are three firmness options for the middle layer: soft, medium, and firm. There are two firmness options for the bottom layer: medium and firm. If you would like your firmness level different on each side, please choose, for example “Firm/Medium” for firm on one side and medium on the other. If you would like the same firmness level on each side please choose, for example, “Medium/Medium” (please note, latex can not be different on each side of Twin or Full mattresses).

4 inch Bottom Layer Firmness Level

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Product SKU:SL-KFL

More about the Kama Flex Lift Organic Mattress

The Kama Flex Lift organic rubber mattress by Sleeptek is constructed of 10 inches of natural rubber. On the bottom is a 4 inch layer of medium (32-35 ILD) OR firm (38-42 ILD) natural rubber. In the middle, is a 4 inch layer of soft (22-24 ILD), medium (32-35 ILD), OR firm (38-42 ILD) natural rubber. On the top is a 2 inch layer of soft (22-24 ILD) natural rubber. For the bottom and the middle 4 inch layers, you can choose different firmness layers on either side. Each layer is individually wrapped in organic cotton tricot and then surrounded by organic cotton quilted to pure wool.

The Kama Flex Lift mattress cover features a stretchy organic cotton jersey knit on top, which allows the natural rubber to better contour to your body. The organic cotton jersey knit is quilted to 2lbs/square yard of organic wool. The bottom of the mattress cover is made from organic cotton canvas quilted to organic wool. As a secondary option, this mattress can be configured with the canvas side facing up: sleeping on the canvas side will yield a slightly firmer feel than the knit side. The organic cotton and wool cover is removable to air out the mattress.

The pure wool acts as a natural flame retardant, so no chemical flame retardants are added to this natural mattress. Pure wool and natural rubber are dust mite and mold resistant.

See the Assembly Video

Read more about the organic rubber, organic wool, and organic cotton used to make this natural mattress.

The Foundation

The 4″ or 7″ wood slat foundation supports your mattress using solid wooden slats and is covered with the same organic cotton as your mattress.
The wood is untreated pure seasoned kiln-dried spruce; no synthetic glues, dyes, or finishing sprays are used in any stage of production.
Read more about our renewable Canadian hardwood. Pictured below is a finished and upholstered foundation as well as a picture of a foundation prior to being upholstered.

natural wood slat foundationnatural wood slat foundation

Pictured below are optional 8 inch wood legs (additional charge will apply) that can be attached to the foundation such that the mattress and foundation can be used without a separate bed frame. Please call to order.

wood legs
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Made in Canada


Comfort Guarantee

If the comfort level you choose is not exactly right, you can later purchase a new 4″ latex core in a different firmness level.  For example, if you choose “firm” for your middle 4″ layer, and after sleeping on the mattress for a while, you realize it is a bit too firm, you can purchase a new 4″ core in firmness level “medium” or “soft”.  This is not an exchange, so you get to keep both the new latex and the original latex in case you should ever need to switch it again. Comfort guarantees must take place within 6 months from purchase date.


  • -Twin, Twin XL, Full: $300
  • -1/2 Queen, 1/2 King, 1/2 Cal King: $300 for 1/2 layer (for Queen, King, and Cal King, every 6″ layer comes in two halves, so the cost would be $600 for both sides)