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Earthweave Area Wool Rug, Catskill


Catskill area rugs by Earthweave are made with a chunky, variable texture, cut-pile carpet with surged edges.  This product exudes softness and style with a look that is simply amazing.   Made with 100% wool that is organically dyed with the OrganoSoftColors system and backed with a hemp and cotton blend, natural adhesive from a rubber tree and a jute secondary backing. The natural backing system is made without toxic mothproofing or chemical stain protection treatments to promote clean indoor health for your family.  Wool weight is 65 oz.  Can be purchased with a 1/8″ thick rug gripper made from 100% natural rubber for use on hard surfaces. Used to provide extra comfort underfoot and to help prevent slipping of your rug.

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More about Earthweave Carpet Construction

The Catskill line has truly unique carpets that brings a style and luxurious texture never before seen by using organic dye process which is called OrganoSoftColors. The name is a play on all of the elements of this unique product – Organically Dyed, Luxuriously Soft, Colored Wool.

Earth Weave starts by using only pure wool. They apply no pesticides or stain protections that are commonly used by the other wool carpet manufacturers. The application of these chemicals would greatly affect indoor air quality through the off gassing of volatile organic compounds.

The primary backing that they use is also an industry first combination of hemp and cotton. They chose to use the hardy hemp fiber, due to its durability, strength, and mold and mildew resistance. The all-natural primary backing is specifically designed to be used in the biodegradable flooring and is exclusive to Earth Weave.

The wool yarns are locked into place with a natural adhesive that is derived from the rubber tree. This adhesive is completely biodegradable and nontoxic as well. This is counter to the styrene butadiene adhesive used in all other wool carpets.

For the back of the carpet they use a jute secondary. Jute was commonly used in the carpet industry before the introduction of the synthetic backings currently employed. They chose to use this type of backing to further the cause of making a completely natural and nontoxic carpet. Occasionally other wool carpet manufacturers will use jute as a secondary but it is hiding a synthetic core of plastic and styrene.

As you can see, Earth Weave has developed a unique product that maintains all the criteria of those looking for the purest, least toxic floor covering available. Earthweave carpets can be used without reservation to provide the utmost in comfort and durability while maintaining indoor air quality and your health.


Shedding is a characteristic of all wool carpet.  As with all quality natural fiber carpets, vacuuming with a suction only vacuum cleaner is recommended.  Beater bar vacuums or overly aggressive cleaning methods may damage the surface pile of wool carpet.  Proper vacuuming on a regular basis will increase performance.  Use only a wool approved cleaner for removing stains. Do not vigorously rub the affected area.  Lightly blot area instead.  If stains persist contact a professional cleaner and be sure they use cleaners designed for wool and natural fibers.


Earth Weave guarantees our carpet to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years.- stairs are excluded.  Improper installation, maintenance or cleaning, matting, crushing, soiling, staining, watermarking, shading, fading, burns, tears, pulls, or any other changes in appearance are not considered manufacturing defects and are excluded from this warranty.  No warranty is made as to individual reactions, physical or otherwise, regarding this carpet and its effects.  As this is a natural product, we do not warrant for any smells or odors of our product.


Earth Weave manufacturers carpet uses natural wool along with a natural backing system. As such, it is subject to natural variances in color, shade and texture.  Our carpet should be regarded as any other natural fiber flooring product such as jute, sisal, sea grass and even wood.  Color, texture and shade variances do not represent a defect and are inherent in the manufacturing and materials used.  Watermarking (shading), roll crush or reverse pile can occur on any carpet.

Due to the natural fiber content, specifications are subject to nominal manufacturing variances.  Yarn lot variances occur in natural fiber carpets, therefore, actual merchandise is not guaranteed to match samples.  Supply or manufacturing changes may facilitate product changes without notice.  Natural fiber carpets vary in texture and color.  Surface texture and variability in yarn sizes are inherent with wool carpet which may sometimes appear to streak in the face.  This is directly related to the fact that wool is a natural fiber, therefore it is not subject to the same tolerances as a synthetic yarn.  Variances in texture and color are normal and do not constitute a manufacturing defect.