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Carpet and Area Rugs

Keep your home clean and chemical free with our all natural wool carpet. Our natural wool carpet and area rugs are the healthiest carpet options available, made from natural wool, cotton, and hemp without any harsh chemical treatments, toxic stain treatments, chemical flame retardants, or toxic mothproofing! Read more on our blog post about wool carpet being a healthy choice.
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Although synthetic fiber carpets are often less expensive than natural wool carpet, natural wool has many characteristics that make it well suited for carpeting.  It is durable, healthy, naturally flame retardant and beneficial to the environment.

If you are trying to avoid toxins and synthetic chemicals in your living environment, natural wool carpeting is an outstanding way to do so.  New synthetic carpets contain large amounts of chemicals which outgas into the air. The term “outgassing” refers to the process in which small particles break away or evaporate from the carpet and are released in the air.  You can experience this yourself when walking k into a carpet store or a house that has freshly installed carpeting.  There is a noticeably strong odor of chemicals. What is the source of these odors? Along with chemical additives like flame retardants and stain protectors, the solvents and adhesives used to bond the carpet fibers to the backing produce the unpleasant smell. It is with ease that we can guarantee all these chemicals will be avoided with the purchase of a natural wool carpet.

Wool carpet can last decades if cared for properly. Due to the natural oils produced in the wool from the sheep that was shorned, it  is very durable and naturally stain resistant.  

Since wool is naturally flame resistant (read our blog post on the flame retardant properties on wool), natural wool carpeting is flame resistant without needing to be treated with flame retardant chemicals.

Last, wool carpet is far more environmentally friendly than its competitors, polyester and nylon. Wool is renewable, as sheep are shorned each year. Along with this, wool is naturally biodegradable at the end of its life. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic carpeting materials are manufactured from fossil fuels. This then creates toxic byproducts,which end up back in the environment.

The Natural Sleep Store proudly sells wool carpet by Earthweave.  Earthweave isn’t soley made from natural wool, it also consists of cotton, jute, and hemp backing with natural adhesives.  While there are many high end wool carpets that still use toxic adhesives to bind the wool to the synthetic backing, Earthweave is truly as pure and natural as it gets. If your aim is to avoid all chemicals, Earthweave cannot be beat. Earthweave has wall to wall carpets that are sold by the square yard.  They can be purchased with a natural wool padding.  If you are ordering wall to wall carpet, be sure a professional carpet installer measures your space, as calculating square feet of carpet isn’t as simple as calculating the square feet needed for tile. Or, if you are looking for natural wool area rugs, the same patterns and colors can be ordered with a bound edge in a variety of sizes.