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Organic Latex-Free Mattresses

If you are shopping for an organic mattress these days you will find that it is very easy to find options that contain natural latex but can be challenging to find latex free options. Whether you have decided to shop for a latex free mattress due to an allergy or sensitivity or just because of preference we have some great latex-free choices each with their own advantages.

One type of latex-free mattress that we offer is an innerspring mattress where metal springs are used to provide support.  This is what comes to mind as a traditional bed for most people.  Be careful as some of the inner spring mattresses will still use a latex layer for pressure relief.  We offer a few different innerspring mattresses that are latex-free.  The first is the Royal-Pedic Premier Natural Cotton With Wool Wrap Mattress.   Royal-Pedic uses a Swiss designed inner spring core that contains a lot more coils compared to industry standard, and is double heat tempered. The coils in the mattress are open ended, unknotted, six turn coils providing more flexibility, which means greater sensitivity to body contours, overall body support and relaxation.  The inner springs are surrounded by 50 pounds of organic cotton batting.  There is also a similar mattress from Royal Pedic at a slightly lower price point, the Royal Pedic Natural Natural Cotton With Wool Wrap Mattress.  These Royal-Pedic Organic Organic Mattresses have a firm feel so if you prefer something with a little softness on top, you might want to consider a wool topper for extra pressure relief.

The second latex-free option is a futon or wool mattress.  A futon or wool mattress will use organic cotton or organic wool batting to provide pressure relief and support.  This minimalist approach will appeal to a purist and provide a firm sleep experience.  These mattresses use a large amount of natural batting materials and will need a proper frame to support the futon and provide adequate air circulation.  It is also expected that body indentations will occur as a natural part of having a mattress made from only fibers, and it is important to flip the futon regularly.  We offer two organic futon / organic wool mattresses: Soaring Heart Organic Cotton and Wool Futon and the Savvy Rest Pastoral Wool Mattress.  The Soaring Heart Organic Cotton and Wool Futon is constructed with an organic cotton core surrounded by organic wool, the materials start at about 27 inches of loft before being skillfully worked down to the 7 inches of the finished futon. The organic wool will provide resistance to moisture, mildew and dust mites. It also regulates temperature giving you a comfortable nights sleep.  The Savvy Rest Pastoral Wool Mattress  consists of 4.5 inches of organic wool covered in an organic cotton twill. Similar to a futon, this mattress is flexible and can be used on a futon frame.  The Pastoral Wool Mattress is handmade and hand tufted with natural linen thread.

Another option is the Naturepedic EOS Standard – Latex Free [blog update 1/31/17- we no longer sell this mattress].  This innerspring offers an eight inch encased coil support layer topped with a three inch micro-coil pressure relief layer.  The eight inch encased coils are individually wrapped and float freely in their own fabric pocket allowing full body contouring and great motion isolation.  The high density micro-coils are individually wrapped in polyester and provide a latex free option for pressure relief.  The support coils are available in firm or plush while the micro-coils are available in medium or soft allowing you to customize your firmness level.  This mattress’s best quality is that it can be ordered softer than any other latex-free mattress we carry, and will provide more pressure relief for those who like a softer feel, however, do note that it is made with PLA and polyester, so for those organic purists, a different mattress might be better.  Naturepedic also offers two latex-free mattresses made especially for kids, the Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe and the 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra which are made from an innerspring unit and covered in organic cotton and PLA.

So if you’re looking for a latex-free option check out the mattresses described above.  If you’re not sure if latex allergies are something to be concerned about we would be glad to send you a latex sample. Email us for a sample or with any additional questions.