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Committed to purity, Organic Mattresses Inc. known as OMI offers certified organic and pure products. The Natural Sleep Store carries the Rossa pocket coil organic mattresses unsurpassed in price and quality.

OMI Rossa Pocket Coil Organic Mattress

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The Rossa certified organic pocket-coil mattress offers customizable comfort in the popular combination of latex and coils. The Rossa utilizes pocket coils as a base later and adds a layer of organic latex on the surface that is customizable. This latex layer is available in plush, medium or firm. A certified organic quilted cotton and wool zippered cover encases the coils and latex for superior comfort. OMI’s dedication to purity makes the Rossa pocket-coil mattress kind to the body as well as the environment. Part of OMI’s Rest Collection.

$1,195.00$4,345.00 A certified organic, customizable, pocket coil mattress at remarkable prices!
OMI Rossa Pocket Coil Organic Mattress with Sculpted Latex Top

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This version of the popular certified organic Rossa Pocket-coil Organic mattress features a coil base and a layer of soft sculpted latex on top that is unique to OMI. This plush layer of sculpted latex provides greater air circulation and additional pressure-point relief. OMI’s signature quilted cover made with certified organic cotton and organic wool encase the coils and latex, putting the finishing touch on this plush yet supportive mattress. The sculpted latex later is not customizable. For customizable latex firmness options, please see the Rossa Pocket Coil Mattress. Part of OMI’s Rest Collection.

$1,395.00$4,695.00 A certified organic pocket coil mattress with a plush sculpted latex top.