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Naturesoft Organic Flannel Sheet Review and Winter Giveaway

We are knee-deep in a winter wonderland right now, and spring is still a few months away! Here at the Natural Sleep Store we are loving all things healthy, cozy and warm, which means Organic Flannel Sheets! We are happy to offer Naturesoft Organic Flannel Sheets as our first... Read More >>


Alpaca Pillow by Crescent Moon Review and November Giveaway!

The Natural Sleep Store is excited to feature one of our newest products for the November giveaway! Now through November 30th, enter to win a Standard size Alpaca Pillow by Crescent Moon (you choose the loft)!  Giveaway valued at $159.00. No purchase necessary to win.  ... Read More >>


Savvy Rest Organic Cotton Sheets and Fall Giveaway

If you've visited our website, facebook page or blog, you're probably no stranger to The Natural Sleep Store giveaways. Every so often we like to feature a new product, an old favorite, or even highlight an item we love but for some reason hasn't gotten a lot of attention.... Read More >>


Summer Giveaway! Sachi Kapok Pillow Review

The giveaway this month at The Natural Sleep Store the focus is on something quiet, something a little more understated, but not any less wonderful than organic wool or natural latex—Kapok! The Natural Sleep Store specializes in products that help create a healthy, cozy,... Read More >>


Organic Chenille Stripe Blanket by Organics and More and Earth Day Giveaway

 We at The Natural Sleep Store believe you can never have too many blankets (or pillows, or sheet sets, but those are giveaways for a different month)! That is why we are excited to offer the Organic Chenille Stripe Blanket by Organics and More as our Earth Day giveaway! ... Read More >>


Holiday Giveaway and Sueno Organic Wool Comforter Review

Enter to win a Sueno Organic Wool Comforter (a value up to $744!)!  No purchase necessary to win.  Giveaway ends December 24th, 2015. Colder months have arrived and there is nothing that compares to snuggling under the warmth of healthy organic covers as outside the... Read More >>


Savvy Rest Organic Sheet Review and Fall Giveaway

We love doing giveaways at The Natural Sleep Store. It is our way of introducing a new product, highlighting a customer favorite, or featuring a manufacturer who goes above and beyond. It’s also a great way for us to review items and give a little more detail than what... Read More >>


Coyuchi Organic Percale Sheets Review and August Giveaway

Here at The Natural Sleep Store, we are always talking about how important it is to dress your natural and organic mattress with high-quality, organic bedding. We have a great selection of bedding, from mattress pads to comforters, and each piece plays a part in creating a... Read More >>


Suite Sleep Shredded Rubber Pillow Review and May Giveaway

Pillows play such an important role in the sleeping experience, and choosing the “right” pillow is very personal. How you sleep—on your back, on your side, on your stomach, or all of the above, can influence what type of pillow feels best. Add to that a... Read More >>


November Giveaway and Chenille Waffle Weave Blanket Review

As the weather turns colder, staying warm and cozy is at the forefront of our minds—at least it’s in the forefront of my mind! I love the Organic Chenille Waffle Weave Blanket because it’s healthy, but mostly I love it for the warmth. It’s a medium weight,... Read More >>


Suite Sleep Wooly Bolas Pillow Review and Fall Giveaway

Pillows! They are such a personal bedding item, and there are a number of different fills to choose from. One of our best selling pillows is the Wooly Bolas Pillow by Suite Sleep. The zippered casing is made from organic cotton in a sateen finish, and it’s filled with round... Read More >>


Suite Sleep: Purity. Passion. Progress.

At The Natural Sleep Store we put great value in the solid, lasting relationships we are able to build with our manufacturers. Suite Sleep, based out of Boulder, CO is one of these companies. We have been working with them since the start of our business in 2005 and we love... Read More >>


Suite Sleep Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Review Plus Summer Giveaway

People can go on and on about how much they love their mattress (I know I do!), but how often do you hear someone talk about how much they love their mattress pad? The mattress pad is the unsung hero of the bedding world. The main job of a mattress pad is to protect the mattress... Read More >>


Pure Rest Wool Moisture Pad Review and May Giveaway

An organic cotton mattress pad is essential for protecting your organic mattress from everyday dirt and sweat; but there are many occasions when a mattress requires more water-resistant protection than just a simple cotton mattress pad can provide.  A natural or organic wool... Read More >>


Sleep and Beyond: Where Quality Meets Passion

The Natural Sleep Store works with likeminded and dedicated manufacturers who share our passion for the environment and offer only the highest quality organic products. At the top of our list is Sleep and Beyond.  Sleep and Beyond creates beautifully made, healthy, organic... Read More >>


Pure Rest Natural Rubber Contour Pillow Review and March Giveaway

Choosing the right pillow is personal, and it is very important.  The right pillow can create the most comfortable, rejuvenating sleep experience. The wrong pillow can leave you sleepless and may even cause neck pain.  The Natural Sleep Store has many natural and... Read More >>


Organic Pebble Weave Blanket Review and January Contest

The Natural Sleep Store offers amazing products—well-made, chemical free and healthy.  We have a lot of options when it comes to organic bedding and one of my favorites is the Organic Cotton Pebble Weave Blanket.  The blanket comes in an undyed natural color and... Read More >>


Sleep and Beyond Organic Cotton Sheet Review and Holiday Contest

At The Natural Sleep Store we love all things organic, especially products that create a healthier sleeping environment. We also like having lots of organic options to choose from. The Natural Sleep Store would like to introduce one of our newest products—Sleep and Beyond... Read More >>


Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter Review and October Giveaway!

The Sleep and Beyond Organic Wool Comforter is made with rolled and carded organic merino wool quilted between a silky soft 300 thread-count organic cotton sateen cover. If you haven’t tried a wool comforter, I definitely recommend it.  A lot of people hear... Read More >>


Components of a Natural Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place that should offer you comfort, serenity, and a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s definitely not a place that you want littered with toxic chemicals and solvents.  There are ways to keep your bedroom free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),... Read More >>


Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow Review and September Giveaway!

We know that pillow preference is unique to each individual and their sleeping style.  The Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow is a top seller at The Natural Sleep Store because of its comfort and versatility.  It’s made with natural latex shredded into small pieces... Read More >>


Gotcha Covered Organic Cotton Sheets Review and July Giveaway

A healthy, comfortable mattress is a key factor in getting a good night’s sleep.  Having quality bedding to put on that mattress is just as important.  The Natural Sleep Store has a great selection of natural and organic bedding to complement your organic... Read More >>


Suite Sleep Kapok Pillow Review and June Giveaway!

I have a handful of favorite products at The Natural Sleep Store, but when it comes to pillows, the Suite Sleep Kapok Pillow is at the top of the list. If you are like me and love the feel of a fluffy, light down pillow but want to choose a natural, allergy free alternative, then... Read More >>


Choosing the Perfect Organic Pillow

I have found that the right pillow is a key part to getting a great night sleep. There are many types of conventional pillows; some of the more popular are polyester filled pillows, down pillows, and memory foam pillows. In contrast organic pillows are composed of natural... Read More >>


Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by customers is whether or not they can wash the organic cotton and wool casing on their mattress. Unfortunately, the casings cannot be washed because they contain wool, which will shrink and ruin the casing. What we recommend... Read More >>


Wool Moisture Pads to Protect Your Mattress

Many people, especially parents of young children, ask about moisture protection for their new organic mattress. The option that we have is called a wool moisture pad. It is made of tightly woven wool and is moisture resistant. If you sprinkle or pour water on the fabric, water... Read More >>

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