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Holy Lamb Organics Above The Rest

We take pride in the quality of the organic bedding we sell; we don’t carry products we don’t believe in!  However, working with different products and manufacturers over time, certain products stand out above the rest, products that we highly recommend.  We also develop preferences towards manufacturers we enjoy working with. And sometimes there are those special instances where both the product and its manufacturer are just top notch! Holy Lamb Organics is one of our top picks. 

Holy Lamb Organics chose their name to honor the animals whose fleece enables them to create healthy natural bedding. The name conveys reverence for the warmth and gentleness of the flocks that make Holy Lamb products possible. I just love that!  To hear them tell it, Holy Lamb Organics strives “To create beautiful, sustainably handcrafted products using all natural and organic materials for a healthy, eco-friendly life and home.”  And they aren’t new to this, since they have been in the organic bedding business since 2000. In our world of mass produced, machine-made, plastic, Walmart products, Holy Lamb’s bedding is a breath of fresh air, literally.  Holy Lamb strives to be zero waste and they are committed to sustainability for the environment every step of the way.

All of the beautiful words and mission statements aside, we are so very impressed with Holy Lamb as a retailer.  Over the last couple of years, many manufacturers that we work with have declined in customer service.  Here at The Natural Sleep Store, we constantly strive to provide the very best in customer service for our customers.  But the quality of our service is sometimes impacted by the manufacturers we work with if we are given improper timelines, poor communication, or if products are not available.  Holy Lamb is in a different realm.  Not only do they genuinely care about us as retailers, they care even more about the end customer’s experience.  They don’t just say they provide good customer service, we see it in action with every order we place.

Customer service sways our opinions about the manufacturers we prefer to work with, but the products themselves are really what matters after the purchasing and receiving process is over.  These products are beautiful and our customers just love them.  Holy Lamb Organics, unsurprisingly, manufactures primarily wool filled products like comforters, mattress toppers, and pillows (all made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric surrounding the wool fill). Holy Lamb offers two options in wool: American grown, and New Zealand grown. Some customers prefer natural, American grown wool, because it keeps the carbon footprint low, even if it does not have the organic certification (although the sheep are grazed on organic fields and treated according to organic standards).  Other customers prefer their certified organic wool option from New Zealand.   And all Holy Lamb facilities are GOTS certified, so you can rest assured that your products are being produced according to organic guidelines.  

Our customer favorites are the natural wool comforters and organic wool comforters, there are so many options to fit anyone’s needs.  There are different fill weights, if you prefer a warmer or cooler sleeping comforter.  There are adjustable comforters, which can work for both warmer and cooler months.  And there are even dual weight comforters, which allows partners that baseline at different warmth levels to customize the warmth of each side of the comforter.  These are beautifully handmade comforters, packaged without plastic, and delivered with cotton ties bundling them in a roll. 

Our customers also love the natural wool mattress toppers and organic wool mattress toppers available in two different thickness levels.  A wool mattress topper adds a dreamy, fluffy feel to the top of a mattress.

Holy Lamb also offers a unique product that no one else offers, the Happy Lamb Fleece is made from wool woven to cotton fabric, and looks like sheepskin.  Research shows that quality of sleep is improved when curled up on a sheepskin product like these!

Holy Lamb makes pillows that are quite versatile as well as healthy.  From the Wooly Down Pillow, a pillow that can be adjusted to your exact loft and shape preference, to an Orthopedic Neck Pillow created for proper neck support and a Wool Wrapped Latex Pillow that provides the support of latex combined with the breathability of wool.

It’s probably clear by now, but we absolutely adore Holy Lamb Organics.  Their products are top notch and their customer service is even better.  We only want to direct our energy on manufacturers that really care about the quality of their products and customer experience and Holy Lamb is certainly one of them. This is the kind of company we should be raising up to achieve our goals of a sustainable earth and healthy body. So here’s to Holy Lamb!