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Why Choose 100% Natural Mattress?

Consider that most mattresses and pillows contain a variety of toxic chemicals that you would never consider sleeping with-PBDEs, fire retardants, and formaldehyde. Just because you can’t smell them doesn’t mean you aren’t breathing them all night.

Would you take a can of turpentine or a jug of anti-freeze to bed with you? How is sleeping on a chemical bed any different?

Breathe better.
Sleep better.
Feel better.

Pressure Relief for Deeper Sleep

The Savvy Rest natural latex mattress relieves pressure normally caused from sleeping on a mattress that is too firm. This improves circulation at night and reduces tossing and turning. Each time you turn, you move from a deeper stage of sleep into a lighter sleep. The Savvy mattress allows you to remain longer in deep Stage 3 and Stage 4 sleep. You won’t wake up stiff or sore on aSavvy Rest mattress.

Spine Stays in Alignment

Our natural, latex mattress is supportive enough that your spine will remain in alignment as you sleep, so you won’t wake up with a backache.

Hypo-allergenic. Chemical free.

You will breathe better because you will sleep on an all natural product. Most mattresses use toxic chemicals, and you breathe chemicals during the night. The
Savvy Rest is an organic mattress and is chemical free, so you won’t wake up with a “chemically caused” headache.