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Under The Nile Bedding

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Our most popular blanket at The Natural Sleep Store is the Under The Nile Brushed Organic Cotton blanket. This Organic Cotton Blanket is extraordinarily soft and made from brushed Egyptian organic cotton with an organic twill fabric edging. For babies, we carry the same brushed organic cotton blankets in a baby blanket size as well as organic cotton crib sheets all made from Egyptian organic cotton.

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Blanket

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The Under the Nile Organic Cotton Blanket is a customer favorite. It is a brushed cotton blanket made from the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton and edged with a 100% organic twill fabric. Undeniably soft, this heavy weight blanket is the perfect bedding addition, especially during those arctic winter months. Under the Nile blanket comes in a natural, unbleached ivory color and is machine washable.

$160.00$290.00 Brushed Organic Egyptian cotton blanket. Great for colder weather.
Under the Nile Cable Knit Blanket

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The Under the Nile cable knit blanket is made with the finest GOTS certified 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton. Blankets are 30″ x 42″. Luxurious and cozy texture. Comes in cocoa and off- white.

$38.00 Organic Egyptian cotton cable knit blanket. Cocoa and off- white.
Under the Nile Swaddle Baby Blanket- Two Pack

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Two pack! The Under the Nile swaddle blanket is made with the finest GOTS certified 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton flannel. Perfect weight for all year. Blankets are 34″ x 34″. Two pack comes as one off-white and one pink.

$38.00 Organic Egyptian cotton swaddle blankets for baby. Pink, blue, sage, and off-white.
Under the Nile Baby Blanket

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Brushed organic cotton is super soft. Made with the finest 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton. Blanket is 28″ x 40″. Available in natural, undyed color.

$37.00 Organic Egyptian cotton baby blanket. Soft and Cuddly!
Under the Nile Crib Sheet

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Under the Nile soft interlock fabric crib sheet comes in a matching bag for easy and clean storage. You won’t believe how incredibly soft these organic sheets are! Made with the finest 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton. Solid Colors: Blush, Sage, Natural, Ice Blue

$30.00 Super soft crib sheet made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Only pink left.


The products that are sold at The Natural Sleep Store from Under the Nile are made out of the finest quality, 100% handpicked organic Egyptian cotton, without the use of pesticides or chemicals throughout the entire production process.

History of Under The Nile

Under the Nile has been in business since 1998 and works under a philosophy that is based on families. Under the Nile describes their mission as: “We believe that the families that produce our product are as important as the families that purchase them. From the time the cotton seeds are planted, to the growing, weaving and sewing, each and every product is made with both you and our community in mind. Each person is valued for their unique talent and loving commitment to the high quality that makes Under the Nile so special. By cultivating organic cotton, we cultivate the community and the environment that make it possible. We believe that providing work, as well as education and health care, is necessary to help impoverished communities become self-sustaining. In doing this, we are keeping our promise to support our community and foster health and harmony.