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Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics carries on a centuries-old tradition of making beautiful textile products by hand. Their production staff are skilled craftspeople with an exceptional eye for detail, a dedication to quality, and an outstanding work ethic.  Holy Lamb believes that how a product is made is just as important as what it is. From supply chain to manufacturing processes to facilities management, nothing happens without considering the environmental impact. Their longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility means they’re dedicated to fair labor practices, secure working conditions, diversity, and inclusion. Every item that goes out their door reflects their core values.


Holy Lamb Organics History

In 2000, Holy Lamb Organics began as a home-based, owner-operated, one-product business in Olympia, Washington. The original owner, searching for a small travel pillow to take on a backpacking trip, was disappointed with the quality she found in the marketplace. Certain she could create something better, she did just that. She sold her first travel pillows at the local co-op, and a new bedding company was born.  The product line soon expanded to include comforters, mattress toppers, and more pillows, and Happy Lamb Organics established its first dedicated production and operations facility in a converted school bus. Holy Lamb relocated to Rural Oakville, Washington, in 2008, establishing a full production facility and their first showroom. 

Wondering about the name? When Holy Lamb Organics was established, it was important to give it a name that reflected the care and values they wanted to share with customers. In choosing Holy Lamb Organics, they honor the animals whose fleece enables them to create healthy natural bedding. The name conveys their reverence for the warmth and gentleness of the flocks who make these products possible.