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How do I customize my firmness level?

You can choose whether you want your two (for Organic Tranquility), three (for Organic Serenity), or four (for Organic Serenity Pillowtop) layers of natural latex to be soft, medium, or firm.  Additionally, if you are purchasing a Queen or King size mattress, you can customize each side to have different firmness layers.  After you have slept on the mattress, if you want to change the firmness levels of the latex, you can exchange individual pieces of latex for different firmness levels. You are only responsible for shipping to and from the manufacturer.

You can also shift the pieces of latex in your mattress.  For example, you originally layered a soft on top, medium in the middle, and firm on the bottom.  If you find this mattress too soft, you can move the medium in the middle layer up to the top, or the firm layer to the middle, or use any configuration you’d like to.  Although softer layers are typically placed on top, it doesn’t harm the latex at all to place them in a different order. 

You can also specify which layers are split (different firmness levels for each side) and which layers are solid.  For example, if both people sleeping in the bed want a soft layer on top, but want different layers underneath, you can choose to have the top layer solid and the bottom layers split.

Additionally, we can mix natural talalay and natural dunlop.  Sometimes using a layer of soft talalay adds an extra bit of extra softness and comfort to the top of the mattress.  Our prices aren’t posted for mixing talalay and dunlop, so please contact us to get pricing.