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Size Guidelines for Mattresses, Bedding, and Bed Frames

Do you want to upgrade to a larger mattress but you’re not sure if will fit in your current space?  Maybe you have your eye on a new organic wool comforter—is it the same size as your favorite duvet?  What about pillows?  Are Standard and King sized pillows your only option?  What is the tape measuredimension of a King bed anyway?  And how is it different than a California King?  There are many reasons why you might need to know bed or bedding dimensions, so here are some general sizes and guidelines for when that situation arises.

Mattresses come in standard sizes.  If you are looking for something different than the sizes listed below, it is considered custom.

Twin Mattress 38” or 39” x 75” (all of the Twin mattresses we sell are 38″ x 75″)

Twin XL Mattress 38” or 39” x 80” (all of the Twin XL mattresses well sell are 38″ x 80″)

Full (also called a Double) Mattress 54” x 75”

Queen Mattress 60” x 80’

King or Eastern King Mattress 76” or 78” x 80” (all of the King mattresses we sell are 76″ x 80″)

California King Mattress 72” x 84”

You can see that Twin and Twin XL have a standard width of either 38” or 39”.  Also note that the King/Eastern King has a standard width of either 76” or 78”.  This will vary by manufacturer.  The minimal width difference is not significant when fitting the mattress for bedding.

Most bed frames have standard inside dimensions that directly correspond with the mattress size.  Since there are two dimensions for the Twin, Twin XL and Eastern King mattresses, manufacturers default to the larger size for the inside dimension.

Sheets and mattress pads come in standard sizes which correspond to mattress size.

How about pillows?  Standard and King are the most popular sizes, but some manufacturers also offer Queen.  Dimensions for these sizes are quite consistent across the board.

Standard Pillow 20” x 26”

Queen Pillow 20” x 30”

King Pillow 20” x 36”

Keep in mind that if you choose a Queen pillow, a standard size pillowcase might be a little short in fit, and a Standard pillow in a Queen pillowcase will have extra overhang.

A decorative pillowcase is called a “sham”.  There are four main types of shams; European, King, Standard and Boudoir.  The sizes noted are for the pillow inserts.  Some shams will have a flange, or ruffle, around the edge which adds to the overall size of the pillowcase, but the size of the insert needed stays the same.

European Sham:  26” x 26”

King Sham:  20” x 36”

Standard Sham:  20” x 26”

Boudoir Sham:  12” x 18”

Choosing a comforter and duvet can be somewhat challenging.  There is not an industry standard when it comes to these two items.  When purchasing a comforter and a duvet, make sure you know the dimensions of each and match them as closely as possible to ensure a good fit; or purchase from a manufacturer that provides both comforters and matching duvets.

With these size guidelines you will be able to determine the right mattress size for your space, pick the perfect pillow, and be confident that your beautiful duvet will fit your cozy comforter.