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Nomad Natural Platform Bed Frame Assembly Tips and Tricks

Nomad natural platform bed frames are fairly easy to assemble! They are easier to assemble with two people but also easy enough to assemble by oneself. For a simple platform bed like the Pecos, assembly time is likely around 10-20 minutes. For a more detailed bed frame like the Mission Bed or the El Paso Bed, assembly time could be closer to 45 minutes. If you don’t feel like you can assemble the bed frame yourself we can provide you with a price quote for white glove service, but it can be quite expensive (several hundred dollars).

Normal production time for Nomad bed frames is 3-5 weeks. If you need your platform bed frame sooner, Nomad offers two options to rush the production. A “rush” will produce the bed frame in 12 business days or less and a “double rush” will produce the bed frame in 7 business days or less. Please note, these estimates are the “production time” and do not include shipping time. The bed will leave the manufacturer within these time frames then please add 1-5 business days for shipping via FedEx or UPS Ground.

Once you receive your Nomad platform bed frame, please inspect the box(es) for any shipping damage. If you notice anything that looks like it could be potential damage please take a picture of it before you open the box. Do not discard the box, if there is damage to your frame a claim may need to be filed with the shipping company. If the box does not show any damage, but you do see damage on the bed frame when you open the box please take pictures and e-mail them to us.

Nomad solid wood natural bed frames are not difficult to assemble. You need a few tools including a rubber mallet and a phillips head screwdriver. If you don’t have a rubber mallet it is less than $6 at Home Depot or Amazon.  If your mallet is black, it is also good to wrap your mallet in saran wrap so you do not leave smudges on the wood.

Aside from the Capitan and Taos bed frames, all Nomad natural bed frames are very similar to assemble (with only the headboard assembly differing between models).  The side rails, footboard, and legs on the Nomad bed frames go together using a compression fitting. It is very important that you line up this fitting properly, if you do not, damage can occur.

With that said, as long as it is lined up correctly, this is a very simple assembly– it is as easy as fitting one side into the other, and ensuring a tight connection (using your rubber mallet). Aside from fitting together these compression fittings, the other aspects of assembly are to install the screws for the center support(s), roll out the slats, and attach them with two screws.  If you have a bed frame with a headboard, there will be some headboard assembly as well.

Please view our Nomad Platform Bed Assembly VideoAssembly Document with Pictures or download the full assembly instructions per bed below and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Pecos and Pecos Lite Assembly

Vista Bed Assembly

Placitas Bed Assembly

Full Moon Bed Assembly

Rainbow Bed Assembly

Ranch, Sandia, Mission, and El Paso Assembly

Taos Bed Assembly

Capitan 4 Poster Bed Assembly