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Corinna’s Bio

I started The Natural Sleep Store in 2005 as an online business. Due to the immediate response, not just nationally, but locally, I opened our first showroom in Fort Collins in January 2006. It started out very small, but we have since moved and expanded twice to new locations in Fort Collins. Additionally, in 2008, we opened our very successful Denver showroom, which is managed by Andy.

I’ve had an interest in organics for most of my life. During the summer when I was a young girl, I spent a lot of time with my father, who had retired early. He always had an interest in gardening, and converted our entire residential lot into a garden. Our garden was soon producing far too much food for us to eat alone, so my father decided that we could sell our produce at the local farmers market, to provide a learning experience for me. I got to keep the proceeds, quite a nice allowance at the age of 10! We never used pesticides or fertilizers and grew only organic produce. After the required number of years, we had our soil tested and applied for our organic certification. We then sold at the farmers market under the name “The Total Organics”. We did this every Wednesday and Saturday during the summers, for several years.

I came to love organic mattresses and bedding after moving into a new house and buying a new bed in 2004. I had always been somewhat sensitive to smell, finding all perfumes and chemical smells overwhelming. The smell of the carpet, paint, and especially the foam from the new bed was enough to send me to the computer to find out why they smelled so bad and whether or not it was healthy to breathe. As our customers have also discovered, through doing their own research, these smells are not healthy to breathe, and are actually bits of chemicals floating through the air. Fortunately, the paint and carpet smell dissipated over time (as these aren’t as easy to replace), but the smell of the mattress did not. This led me to purchase my first organic mattress, and I absolutely fell in love with it! Not only did it allow me to breathe clean air while I slept, but it also offered great temperature control (thanks to the natural fibers) and great comfort (thanks to the natural latex). We don’t sell anything that we aren’t completely confident about in regards to the purity and the quality. I love our products, and my totally organic bedroom!

Through my lifelong love of organics and health, The Natural Sleep Store was born, to provide customers with fantastic, healthy products, with great customer service, at our always-low prices.