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Bella Sera Organic Mattress Review and 50% Off Coupon Giveaway

The Bella Sera Nove 3 and Bella Sera Nove 3 Pillowtop Organic Latex Mattresses are our top-selling mattresses—definitely a customer favorite. It was my mattress choice, and is a popular choice of our customers for a number of reasons: it’s customizable; it’s comfortable; it’s healthy; and it has one of the lowest price points of the mattresses we offer.

Bella Sera Organic Latex Mattress

The Bella Sera Nove 3 Mattress has three layers of three-inch latex. Each layer can be configured Soft, Medium or Firm, allowing for multiple firmness choices. Queen and King mattresses have the option of splitting the layers down the middle, allowing for different firmnesses on each side. This is great news for couples who have different firmness preferences, like me and my husband. He prefers a firmer feel than I do, and thanks to the different options, we are both happy! Another benefit of sleeping on a mattress with components is the ability to open it up and move the layers around, changing the feel of the mattress.

Organic latex mattresses are very comfortable, and to me, what enhances the comfort of the Bella Sera mattress is the latex encasement. It is made with organic cotton knit fabric quilted to organic wool, which has good flexibility and is one of my favorite features of the mattress. The flexible knit allows the feel of the latex to come through, which is especially important if you are like me and prefer a softer feel to your mattress, or need pressure point relief. I am primarily a side sleeper and the top layer of my Bella Sera is Soft. There is little resistance to the knit casing so I am able to sink in to that soft layer for maximum comfort. The flexible knit fabric is great if you like a firmer feel too—it really is just improving the overall comfort of the latex.

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed so it is extremely important that the mattress we sleep on is not only comfortable, but also healthy. The Bella Sera Mattress is made with certified organic cotton and organic wool in the encasement, and natural Dunlop latex that is made from organically certified rubber. It’s not treated with any chemicals or flame retardants so there is no harmful off-gassing.

Natural and organic mattresses can be very expensive. The Bella Sera Nove 3 Latex Mattress has one of the best price-points of the mattresses we carry. Latex is very durable and the Bella Sera has a 20-year limited warranty, so considering the lifespan of the mattress and its lower price-point, it can be a very affordable option.

Some of you may have read the review I wrote about my Bella Sera mattress a couple of years ago  and how enthusiastic my husband was about our mattress. Well, almost two and a half years later, my husband STILL says almost daily, “Honey, I love our bed!” Considering the Bella Sera customization options, how comfortable and healthy it is, and its overall affordability, I have to agree with him. I LOVE my Bella Sera Natural and Organic Latex Mattress!

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Congrats to Amelia G. of Austin TX, hope you enjoy your new Bella Sera Organic Mattress!