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Bella Sera Organic Materials

Our mattress cover consists of a layer of carded organic wool quilted between two layers of organic cotton. Then we place natural dunlop latex between the organic cotton and wool quilted cover.

Please email us with your name and address if you’d like a sample of our materials.

Organic Cotton

We use only 100% certified organic cotton in our organic cotton mattress ticking. Though most “organic cotton fabric” on the market is made mostly from certified organic cotton, the term can be a misnomer because non-organic cotton fillers are sometimes used in these fabrics. For instance, when we began our quality search for fabrics to use in the Bella Sera organic mattress, we discovered cotton being sold as “organic cotton” with only 76% organic cotton and 24% non-organic cotton filler. We know how important quality is to our customers, so we have our fabric made exclusively for us with 100% organic cotton.

Here is our organic cotton certification.

Organic Wool

Though some mattress manufacturers market their wool as “organic,” often it is just natural. To ensure the highest standard of quality, we suggest that you insist upon checking the company’s organic certification. All of our organic wool is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Also, as wool is carded (the process by which wool is turned into “sheets” that can be quilted between two cotton layers), often a polyester backing is placed on it to hold it together. Since this polyester backing is less than 5% of the full material, the wool may still be marketed and sold as “certified organic.” In order to ensure the highest-quality organic mattress, we have our wool specially made with organic cotton backing, not polyester.

Using only our pure organic wool, which is naturally flame-resistant without added chemicals or flame retardants, we passed the rigorous flame-retardant standard. Since we don’t need to add toxic chemicals to pass the flame-retardant test, you are assured a sound sleep on the purest mattress imaginable!

View our organic wool certification.

Organic Latex

Natural rubber (also called natural latex) is made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, which grows near the equator. The tree is sliced diagonally to harvest the latex; the serum, or sap, is collected in pails. Since the sap from the rubber tree can be collected 180 times a year and the harvesting doesn’t hurt the tree, this is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to the production of non-organic mattresses. Once the (liquid) sap is harvested, it must be changed into a foam. To accomplish this, the latex serum is whipped up and enhanced with a few natural ingredients such as ash, and the mixture is baked in a mold according to shape and size.

Dunlop Latex:

The rubber trees are all grown to USDA organic standards without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and the dunlop latex has been certified organic by GOLS!

Talalay Latex:

The latex for our natural talalay latex is sourced from rubber tree plantations that adhere to sustainable forestry practices.  Our natural Talalay latex has been certified as Cradle to Cradle GOLD!

eco-INSTITUT independently tests both our natural dunlop and natural talalay latex foam to measure whether it is natural, whether any synthetic latex has been added, and what the total percentage of latex is. Our latex is all natural with no synthetic latex added. eco-INSTITUT also uses a chamber to measure the potential outgassing of certain molecules from the latex. You can be assured that our natural latex passed eco-INSTITUT’s stringent tests with flying colors! We know how important quality is to you, so we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our product is healthy as well as high-quality.