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90-Day Comfort Guarantee

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If the numerous swapping options and overall flexibility don’t bring you ultimate comfort and satisfaction, we offer a 90-day comfort guarantee on Bella Sera organic mattresses. While some manufacturers offer a latex-exchange policy, we have a much better option: For the price of other manufacturers’ latex exchanges, we will sell you a brand-new layer of latex. Since we do not accept exchanged latex layers, you can be assured that you will always receive brand-new latex from Bella Sera.

Bella Sera wants you to be happy with your mattress.  Within 90 days of delivery, if you are unhappy with your original layer configuration, you can call us to discuss if your current mattress can be arranged to meet your comfort needs, or if a comfort guarantee is needed.  Within this 90-day “comfort guarantee” time period, a new latex layer can be purchased.  After your new layer arrives, please try it out for at least a few weeks.  If you feel that the comfort still needs to be adjusted your sales representative can work with Bella Sera to determine if changing a second layer would make any significant difference in the feel of the mattress, or if other more suitable options are available.

Other companies offer a latex exchange where you pay a flat shipping fee to and from the manufacturer.  Shipping costs are quite high since a layer of latex has to ship in what is considered an “oversize” box by UPS or FedEx.  A queen layer can cost $170 to ship round-trip.  Instead of having you pay for round-trip shipping, we are letting you purchase a sheet of latex at a flat fee, with shipping costs included.  We have found that these prices are comparable to other manufacturers’ rates for round-trip shipping, but you receive a new piece of latex with the comfort of knowing that it has not been used in the past. The costs for purchasing a new layer are as follows:
Twin: $185
Twin XL: $185
Full: $275
Queen: $275
Half Queen: $175
King: $300
Half King: $185