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Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air manufactures some of the most highly rated air cleaners available, and are consistently voted number one by customers around the world. All aspects of the air cleaners, from the filter to the final product paint, are manufactured in-house at their facility in New York. These air purifiers help keep your respiratory system clean from toxins in the environment coming from inside air contamination, such as carpet, particle board, furniture and paint. The Natural Sleep Store offers Austin Air Purifiers as the perfect addition to your natural and organic mattress and bedding.
There are five different Austin Air Purifiers.The HealthMate improves the quality of air in your home by removing a wide range of chemicals, gasses, odors and airborne particles. The HealthMate Plus is the preferred air cleaner for people with chemical sensitivities. The Allergy Machine removes chemicals, sub-micron particles, noxious gasses, allergens and asthma irritants to provide ultimate protection and give allergy sufferers and asthmatics immediate relief. The Bedroom Machine promotes a restful night’s sleep by providing clean, fresh air. It helps eliminate runny nose and dry mouth, reduce snoring and strengthens your immune system. The Pet Machine is the choice for people with pets. It is designed specifically to remove pet odors and particles from the air, along with viruses and bacteria. The HealthMate, HealthMate Plus and the Allergy Machine are also available in Junior sizes for smaller spaces.

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The Austin Air company has been in business for 30 years. The idea for the Healthmate air purifier came from the company’s president, who wanted to improve his wife’s quality of life. She had suffered from respiratory ailments since childhood and neither doctors visits, medication or dietary changes could alleviate her symptoms. Finally they realized that it was breathing contaminated air that caused her conditions, so they set out to reproduce the type of environment found in a hospital clean room. A filter was designed to target issues involving chemical toxicity and environmental particulate contamination, using True Medical HEPA and Activated Carbon. Built with integrity. Made in America. As the original maker of high-end filtration systems, Austin Air pairs heart with science to devise the most effective, durable and trusted air purification products on the market.