What is the 90 day trial period?

The manufacturer, Savvy Rest, Inc., allows you 90 days from the delivery date of your organic mattress to exchange individual pieces of latex for different firmness levels. Your obligation is to cover the cost of shipping to and from the manufacturer. 

It is simple! First, Savvy Rest will send you via Fedex a new piece of latex with your new firmness level.  You can try it out with the different layers that you already have.  Once you have decided which piece of latex to send back, pack it up in the same box and affix the pre-paid Fedex label and call for a Fedex pickup.

The cost of latex exchange is a fixed shipping rate set by Savvy Rest.  The latex is very heavy and has to ship in oversized boxes.

Round trip shipping for one layer is as follows: 

  • Twin: $100
  • Full: $190
  • Half Queen: $100
  • Queen: $190
  • King: $190
  • Half King: $100

Savvy Rest do not re-sell the latex that has been returned.