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Suite Sleep Washable Wool Comforter

Step into the world of effortless comfort with the Suite Sleep Washable Wool Comforter, meticulously designed for both warmth and easy care. Featuring an innovative wash-friendly design, this comforter stays smooth and lump-free, ensuring consistent comfort every night. Encased in a luxuriously soft, diamond-quilted 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sateen, it envelops you in a delicate caress while securely encapsulating the wool fill. Perfect for use across all seasons, its light yet cozy build delivers the ideal warmth year-round. Thoughtfully oversized to accommodate any potential shrinkage, this comforter offers straightforward maintenance—simply wash in cold water and dry flat or use the “air dry” setting to preserve its plushness and inviting warmth.


Availability: Ships directly from the manufacturer, typically in one week or under.

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More about the natural and organic materials used by Suite Sleep

Suite Sleep products, proudly made in the USA, boast a low carbon footprint and utilize high-quality natural materials for enhanced durability. Their longevity surpasses conventional alternatives, reducing landfill waste and conserving raw materials, embodying a commitment to sustainability and quality.

Washable Wool

The washable wool is washed with a chlorine based solution to remove the scales on the wool fiber that generally cause it to shrink when washed.  This chlorine based solution is completely rinsed off and the factory adheres to the strictest EPA standards in water treatment.To achieve its washable quality, the wool in the comforter is treated with a chlorine-based solution to remove the scales that typically lead to shrinkage when washed. This solution is then completely rinsed off, and the manufacturing process strictly complies with the highest EPA standards for water treatment.

Organic Cotton

Suite Sleep’s organic cotton is GOTS certified, ensuring it’s grown without pesticides and uses less water than conventional cotton. Imported from India, the sateen fabrics are processed and naturally finished without harsh chemicals, utilizing low-impact dyes for a healthier, eco-friendly choice.

History of Suite Sleep

In 2003 Suite Sleep emerged as the newest company in the organic mattress and bedding industry. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Suite Sleep’s products are made with chemical free, natural and organic ingredients. The mission that the company upholds is as follows: “Suite Sleep is committed to being a leader in the natural bedding industry by providing the highest quality products with the best customer service using the most efficient distribution channels at an affordable price. Our commitment to the environment drives us to continually evaluate our product designs and processes to bring the best green products to market.”