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Sachi Organics Buckwheat or Millet with Wool Pillow- The Shambho


Shambho means “blessing” in Sanskrit….and this Sachi Organics Shambho Pillow is truly a blessing. Made with a unique patented dual chamber design, one side of the pillow has a zipper where you can add or remove the organic millet or organic buckwheat filling and the other side of the pillow has a zipper where you can access the eco wool. The zippered cover is made from organic cotton sateen.  Being able to customize the loft by adding or removing filling makes this adjustable pillow ideal for just about everybody.  Buckwheat and millet provide excellent neck and head support, however, by themselves, can feel a bit hard or a bit noisy.  Adding a layer of wool provides a soft layer for cushiony comfort on top of the supportive base of millet or buckwheat for your head and neck.  This pillow is also unique in its size of 10″ x 16″ x 4″ (a standard pillow is 16″ x 20″).  This pillow provides side and back sleepers the opportunity for proper support in either position.  When back sleeping, this pillow can be placed flat for a thinner loft, and when side sleeping this pillow can be rotated a quarter turn so that it sits on its side and provides a thicker loft for proper neck support.  Get it super dialed in by adding or removing buckwheat or millet hulls to create your desired pillow loft. When the head and neck are aligned properly, one has a better chance of staying asleep! Also consider the Rejuvenation pillow which is the same as this pillow but closer to standard size. Also available for purchase is an organic cotton pillow case for this uniquely sized pillow.

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More about the Sachi Organics Buckwheat or Millet and Wool Pillow

Natural fibers, like wool fill, will compress over time, but will remain comfortable and supportive. Pillow height is made from about 25-30% wool and about 70-75% buckwheat or millet hulls.

More about Eco-Wool

Eco-Wool is entirely derived from domestic flocks of sheep that are raised following industry-leading sustainability and cruelty free standards.  Purchased from the best farms in the country!  Is not treated with any harsh chemicals.  Wool is naturally dust mite and mildew resistant!

What is the difference between buckwheat and millet hulls?

Both pillows are equally firm, with the exact same neck support, the main difference lies in the texture of the filling:

Buckwheat hulls are large hulls that trap a lot of air which is then blown through the pillow when we move in our sleep. Buckwheat hulls rustle when we move. Millet hulls are tiny, they make no sound when they move and the filling feels smooth and velvety.

Millet hulls are not softer than buckwheat hulls, but they do feel more velvety because they are so tiny, round, and smooth.

All hull pillows are temperate (they do not take on heat in the summer or cold in the winter). Buckwheat hulls ventilate more easily given their large irregular shape. This will make a difference for those who tend to perspire at night and wake up to a damp pillow every morning).

Sachi buckwheat and millet hulls are domestically sourced.  The pillow is hand made in Albuquerque, NM.

Care and Cleaning

Spot clean only.