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Natural and Organic Wool Pillows

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Our natural and organic wool pillows are made from natural or organic wool with an organic cotton cover.  Wool pillows are our customer’s favorites!

Suite Sleep Woolly Bolas Pillow

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We absolutely adore this new pillow concept! The fill of this pillow is Eco Wool “Bolas” or little round bits of wool. The zippered encasement on the wooly bolas pillow allows for the ability to add and remove bits of wool as you please to create the perfect pillow for you! You can even mold the wooly bolas inside the pillow how you like, for example, if you prefer a thicker roll for your neck and an indentation for your head or if you just prefer a level surface for your head and neck.

$51.00$183.00 Adjustable pillow filled with bits of wool. A customer favorite!
OMI Organic Spiral Wool Pillow

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This economical GOTS certified organic pillow offers all the benefits of wool with a soft, springy, and resilient fill.  Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers alike, our spiraled wool pillow is soft and supportive in a medium loft. A luxurious, 300-thread count cotton sateen cover provides a comforting, cooling sleep. Our spiraled wood is created by tumbling raw wool fiber until spiral shaped balls are formed, and this unique spiral shape ensures optimal support and comfort. All of our wool is GOTS certified organic, so you’re guaranteed a completely natural, non-toxic pillow.


$85.00$115.00 GOTS certified organic spiraled wool pillow in a medium fill.
Sachi Organics Wool Pillow

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This pillow is made from certified organic wool and is covered in organic cotton sateen. Wool will not compress as much over time as an organic cotton pillow. Wicks away moisture on hot nights to help keep you cool and insulates on cool nights. Spot clean only. Comes with a zipper so you can add or remove filling.

$126.00$180.00 Certified organic wool fill pillow.
OMI Organic Carded Wool Pillow

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The OMI GOTS certified organic wool pillow comes in 3 different fill weights (light, medium, and full) to accommodate different sleeping preferences. Organic wool resists dust mites and wicks moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.

$99.00$159.00 GOTS certified organic carded wool pillow in different fills.
Organic Wool Pillow by TFS Honest Sleep

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The TFS Honest Sleep organic wool pillow is made from GOTS certified organic wool batting covered in a GOTS certified organic sateen fabric.  Available in 3 different fill weights (soft, medium, or firm). Soft fill weight is great for back sleepers offering a more restful neck position, while the firm fill is ideal for side sleepers, giving you the proper support for your head and neck while keeping your spine in proper alignment. Medium weight is a great cross between the two. Plus, all fill weights come in a zippered encasement allowing for full adjustability giving these pillows a personal touch.


$105.00$145.00 Organic wool batting wrapped in organic cotton sateen.
Sleepy Sheep Natural Wool Pillow

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The Sleepy Sheep natural wool pillow is filled with  pure Eco-Valley Wool farmed in the Pacific Northwest.  Covered in an organic cotton damask, this pillow is a fantastic choice to create a healthy sleeping environment.  Pure Eco-Valley wool is a natural temperature regulator and naturally resists dust mites. This pillow comes in a variety of sizes including euro and body and can be customized to a medium or firm fill. Handmade in Portland Oregon.


$136.00$343.00 Natural wool batting covered in organic cotton in two different fill weights.
Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Pillow

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This pillow has an organic cotton cover and has a medium fill of certified organic merino wool.  It is perfect for all-year round comfort as it helps maintain body temperature. GOTS certified organic.  Wool wicks moisture without making you feel cold and clammy. Provides relief from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) as this pillow is free from carcinogenic chemicals.

$109.00$119.00 100% GOTS certified organic wool pillow