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Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

Enhance your sleep environment with The Natural Sleep Store’s carefully curated selection of mattress pads, designed for optimal protection and comfort. With the ease of a quick wash and dry, similar to your everyday sheets, these mattress pads offer added durability and hygiene for your sleeping space. Our organic cotton mattress pads provide a protective layer, perfect for preserving the integrity of your mattress without altering its feel. For those in need of waterproofing solutions, our organic cotton waterproof protectors offer unbeatable protection against spills and stains, ensuring your mattress stays dry and in top condition. Meanwhile, our washable wool mattress pad stands out for its exceptional temperature regulation, keeping you comfortable through every season by adapting to your body’s natural warmth and promoting air circulation. Whether you’re aiming to safeguard your new organic mattress, introduce an organic barrier on a conventional mattress, or maintain a comfortable, regulated sleep temperature, our lineup offers the perfect combination of functionality and organic luxury, keeping your mattress pristine and your sleep environment naturally comfortable.

To ensure your mattress remains in perfect condition, we recommend the use of a mattress pad, with an organic cotton mattress pad being the premier choice for effortless laundering and protection. At The Natural Sleep Store, our array of organic cotton mattress pads is crafted from 100% organic cotton, presenting options that cater to every need: from all-organic cotton pads to those filled with washable wool, as well as waterproof varieties for maximum protection.

Highlighting our selection, the Coyuchi Organic Cotton Mattress Pad boasts a quilted design with organic cotton fabric on the exterior and plush organic cotton batting within. The Suite Sleep Organic Cotton Mattress Pad features a durable organic knit fabric atop, complemented by a soft organic sateen fabric on the sides, offering a unique combination of comfort and protection. Additionally, Suite Sleep’s Washable Wool Mattress Pad pairs organic cotton exterior fabric with a core of washable wool for superior temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties.

For those seeking waterproof solutions,  Sleep and Beyond, Organics and More, and Naturepedic provide organic cotton mattress pads enhanced with a waterproofing agent, seamlessly integrating organic comfort with spill and stain protection. Each option in our curated collection is designed to meet the highest standards of organic luxury and functional design, ensuring your mattress is safeguarded while supporting a natural, healthy sleep environment.


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If you are looking for all organic moisture protection from leaks, please consider layering a wool moisture pad under a cotton mattress pad.

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