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Kids Organic Mattresses

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Organic kids mattresses are available in natural latex, organic innerspring and innerspring/latex mix. Choose profile heights from four inches to nine inches. We have great options for natural and organic kid’s mattresses when transitioning your child out of his or her crib.

Freefrom Simple Mattress

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Free from dangerous outgassing, flame retardant chemicals, and polyurethane foam, the Freefrom Simple mattress is simple in the comfort it provides. Organic cotton and natural Joma wool surround two 3 inch layers of natural latex. Each of the two layers are customizable in soft, medium or firm for personalized comfort. For added breathability and pressure relief choose soft convoluted latex as your top layer. Healthy and free from harmful chemicals and materials, this mattress is a dream come true and the ideal choice for kids or adults under 150 pounds.

$900.00$1,700.00 Fantastic prices on a six inch natural latex mattress with a convoluted latex layer for ultimate comfort and breathability.
Little Lamb Natural Rubber Mattress by Suite Sleep

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The Suite Sleep Little Lamb Natural Rubber Mattress is made just for kids with 6 inches of firm natural dunlop latex. It is covered with American Dream Wool quilted to an organic cotton knit. It has a zippered cover so you can see what is inside. This mattress is perfect for children as it is priced economically and, although thinner than some other natural latex mattresses, it is firm to provide enough support for little backs.

$1,199.00$2,199.00 Kid's mattress with six inches of natural latex covered with organic cotton and wool. Great prices!
Organic Cozy Nest Mattress by TFS Honest Sleep

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The Organic Cozy Nest micro coil mattress by TFS Honest Sleep is made with 100% certified organic materials. It starts with a core of 4″ micro coils, which are surrounded by organic cotton batting, organic virgin wool, and all encased in organic cotton fabric. This mattress finishes at approximately 9″, is medium-firm, breathable, cozy, flippable and lightweight.  The Organic Cozy Nest Mattress provides you with superior comfort in any sleeping environment. The 733 Micro Coil core provides optimum pressure relieving support while reducing motion transfer. Available with a Organic Cotton 7 oz. Twill or a Organic Cotton 12 oz. Jacquard Cover. Made with no petrochemicals or flame retardants!



$698.00$878.00 An organic micro-coil mattress with organic cotton and organic wool at unbeatable prices!
Organic Honest Nest Wool Mattress Topper by TFS Honest Sleep

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Top any mattress with the luxurious Honest Nest organic wool topper by TFS Honest Sleep!  This organic wool topper is made with layers of organic wool batting and covered in organic cotton fabric.  Approximately 4″ thick. Available with a 7 oz. Organic Cotton Twill cover or an upgraded 12 oz. Organic Cotton Jacquard Cover. Made with no petrochemicals or flame retardants!



$434.00$642.00 An organic wool topper wrapped in organic cotton!
Junior Six Natural Rubber Mattress by Green Sleep

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A kids mattress made by one of our favorite luxury organic mattress manufacturers, Green Sleep! A medium/firm mattress constructed with 6 inches of 100% natural rubber. This beautiful mattress is encased in a heavy weight organic cotton knit fabric that is channel quilted to Green Sleep’s signature Texel wool.  All the luxury and purity of Green Sleep at a fraction of the cost.

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$1,199.00$1,899.00 All the luxury of Green Sleep, yet remarkably affordable! A firm natural rubber mattress with 6 inches of natural latex made especially for kids.
Soaring Heart Organic Cotton and Wool Futon

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This futon features organic cotton surrounded by a layer of organic wool that provides moisture, mildew and dust mite resistance as well as regulating temperature. The cotton and wool are encased in a organic cotton twill. This futon is latex free for latex sensitive customers.

$999.00$1,945.00 An organic futon featuring a cotton core surrounded by wool and encased in a cotton twill. This futon is latex free.
Sleepy Sheep Organics Sublime Futon

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The Sleepy Sheep Sublime Futon is made with an organic cotton cover and layers of natural wool, and either natural or organic latex.

$885.00$2,300.00 Cotton and wool futon mattress with a latex core. Choose natural or organic latex.
Little Lamb Latex Topper by Suite Sleep

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Made with 2″ of soft natural dunlop latex and wrapped in a casing of GOTS-certified organic cotton, the Little Lamb Topper offers pressure relieving support to Twin and Full-sized mattresses. Or when used in conjunction with the Little Lamb Mattress, it creates the comfortable “Grow With Me” sleep system as your child grows.

$429.00$549.00 Kid's soft 2 inch natural latex topper.
Little Lamb Wool Topper by Suite Sleep

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The Little Lamb Wool Topper by Suite Sleep is made from 1.5 inches of American Dream Wool–natural wool from sheep raised in America. The wool is tufted for fluffy softness and is wrapped in a 100% organic cotton cover that is GOTS Certified. This pillowtop is a great addition to Twin and Full-sized mattresses or can be used in conjunction with the Little Lamb Mattress to create the comfortable “Grow With Me” sleep system as your child grows.

$289.00$379.00 Kid's tufted wool topper, 1.5 inches thick.
Suite Sleep Little Pocket Spring Mattress

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The Little Pocket Spring Mattress by Suite Sleep is made with support and longevity in mind. This mattress has an 8 inch profile with the firmness and support kids need but the luxury of a pocket coil. It is built with 6 inch, individually wrapped pocket coil units and topped with an inch of soft, 100% natural Dunlop latex. The cover is GOTS certified organic cotton knit fabric quilted to all-natural Eco Wool and an additional half inch of soft natural Dunlop latex for added comfort. The Little Pocket Spring Mattress is an adult quality mattress made just for kids!

$1,099.00$2,099.00 An economical pocket spring mattress made for children.
Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra

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The Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra is a mattress that can keep up with your growing child. This innerspring mattress features a waterproofed side for kids making the transfer from the crib to a big kid bed. When your child has mastered the big kid bed flip it over for a comfy quilted organic cotton finish.

$749.00$1,498.00 This 2 in 1 innerspring mattress combines a waterproof side which can be flipped over to a quilted side when your child gets older.
Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Mattress

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The Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Mattress is a kid’s innerspring mattress with a luxurious quilted organic cotton finish on one or both sides providing a natural, healthy sleep environment for your child.

$649.00$2,198.00 This kid's innerspring mattress is available with an organic cotton quilted finish on one or both sides. Available in twin to queen sizes.

Kids Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses have exceptional comfort and longevity, especially when paired with an organic topper as your child grows. With four inch and six inch options, these lower profile natural latex mattresses can also work well with bunk beds and some trundle beds. The Little Lamb natural latex mattress feature a single piece of 6 inch latex in Medium/Firm firmness. The Freefrom Simple and the Savvy Rest Tranquility has two pieces of 3 inch latex which are customizable for firmness.

Kids Spring Mattresses

The Earthspring Mattress by Savvy Rest and the Little Lamb Pocket Spring Mattress has an innerspring core topped with latex and covered with organic cotton and wool.  The Organic Cozy Nest, the Little Lamb Little Pocket Spring mattress, and the Naturepedic Verse are made with pocket coils and surrounded by organic cotton and wool. The Naturepedic 2 in 1 cotton ultra and the Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe kids mattresses are both latex free and are made from innerspring units covered in organic cotton and PLA.

Kids Futon Mattresses

Sleepy Sheep Organics Sublime is a firm futon-style mattress. It has a latex core surrounded by layers of organic cotton and pure virgin wool.  The Soaring Heart futon is latex free and made from organic cotton and wool.

Kids Mattress Toppers

Add an organic mattress topper to add layer of comfort to your child’s mattress.  We have both natural wool and natural latex options.