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Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by customers is whether or not they can wash the organic cotton and wool casing on their mattress. Unfortunately, the casings cannot be washed because they contain wool, which will shrink and ruin the casing. Organic Mattress PadWhat we recommend instead is an organic cotton mattress pad that is machine washable. The mattress pad, although it is not waterproof and will not protect against heavy leaks, is the best way to protect the mattress from small spills, as well as dirt and oils from the body. If there is a possibility that your mattress may need protection from heavy spills then we would recommend also purchasing a wool moisture pad. {Product update, November 2013, we now also offer a machine washable wool quilted mattress pad which works similar to a cotton mattress pad}

We sell two different types of mattress pads: fitted Cotton Mattress Padand flat. The fitted mattress pad has elastic around the outside allowing it to stretch and fit under the mattress, like a fitted sheet. Currently, most of the organic cotton mattress pads Twin through King size that we sell are fitted mattress pads. Flat mattress pads are held in place either by straps that tuck under the mattress corners, or simply by placing a fitted sheet over it. All of our crib size organic cotton mattress pads are currently the flat style.