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Sachi Organic Pillows

The Natural Sleep Store offers three Sachi organic pillows: cotton, kapok, and wool. Each of these pillows is encased in an organic sateen fabric. Organic cotton pillows, filled with organic cotton batting, are a great organic pillow option with a firmer feel. Kapok is a silky fiber that lines the seed pod of the tree Ceiba pentandra, which is a tropical tree that grows 200-230 feet tall. Kapok has a cloud-like feel for those who prefer a softer feel. Sachi’s organic wool pillow is filled with organic wool batting which is soft yet sturdy and is resistant to dust mites, mildew, mold and bacterial while naturally regulating your body temperature.


Sachi Organics sources their Certified Organic cotton batting from the Texas Organic Growers Marketing Co-op. Also domestically grown, Sachi’s organic sateen casings are made from Certified Organic Cotton. The kapok fiber is sustainably harvested and fair traded in Sri Lanka. The last material used in our selection of Sachi pillows is Organic Wool, which comes from an Organic Wool Cooperative in Montague, California.

History of Sachi Organics

Sachi Organics takes pride in their family business and in their focus to produce natural, healthy products. For thirty years Sachi Organics has been making and innovating new organic products. With a small rooted beginning in their home and garage Sachi Organics moved into a small, shared retail store in 1986. It was not until 1989 when the organic company was able to move into their own retail space in their beautiful home state of New Mexico.

Important words from Sachi Organics: “We are always looking for new and alternative ways to enhance our pillows and your dreams. Our mission is to provide you with the best, most comfortable and healthy pillow we can make.”