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Vegan Organic Mattresses

If you are looking for a vegan organic mattress, you are likely looking for a mattress without wool, for either ethical reasons or because of an allergy.  Without wool, you have a few different options:

  1. Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattress. An organic cotton innerspring mattress, made by Royal Pedic is of the highest quality, but is made specifically for people who like a very firm mattress.  The organic cotton is tufted to traditional wire coils, for an extremely firm, if almost hard, feel.  Choose from the Royal Pedic Natural Cotton Mattress or the Royal Pedic Premier Natural Cotton Mattress. The US has laws that require mattresses to meet certain flame retardant standards, and most organic mattress manufacturers meet these requirements by using wool quilted to organic cotton (wool is an excellent flame retardant).  This mattress does not meet the US standards, and therefore cannot be sold without a doctor or chiropractors note that states the person purchasing it needs to have a mattress made without chemical flame retardants and has a sensitivity to wool.
  2. Organic Pocket Coil With Latex on Top. Many organic mattresses achieve a softer feel by using natural latex.  The Rossa Organic Mattress by OMI is made with pocket coils at the core. On top of the pocket coils is a layer of organic latex to provide additional cushion or softness. Although it comes standard with wool in the mattress quilting, it can be special made without wool, by replacing the wool in the quilting with organic cotton batting. This is a great option for those who prefer a slightly softer feel and is our top choice for a vegan organic mattress! A doctor’s note is needed to purchase this mattress.
  3. A Vegan Organic Cotton Futon.  Made with layers and layers of organic cotton batting, an organic futon is not just for college kids.  This mattress comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be softer than an innerspring-only mattress. Comprised solely of organic cotton, this type of mattress is as pure and organic as you can get.  The disadvantage of this mattress is that you will experience some compression over time, as the cotton batting is laid on.  This does not mean the mattress is defective or needs to be replaced, there will just be a slight dip where you lay.  We sell two futons that can be made without wool, the Sublime futon by Sleepy Sheep or a cotton futon by Soaring Heart that can be custom made without wool.  Again, a doctors note is needed to purchase this vegan organic mattress option.
  4. A Mattress with PLA Instead of Wool. Some companies are now using a product called PLA to replace the wool frequently used in organic mattress quilting.  This is a plant based polyester batting.  What this means, is that it is the same as polyester, however, instead of fossil fuels, corn or potato oils are used to produce it.  PLA is similar to wool, in that it has flame retardant properties.  For a purist, its not really organic – it is quite an intense manufacturing process to turn a potato into polyester batting, but it does provide an option for a mattress that is vegan and does not require a doctors note. We sell two Naturepedic mattresses that are vegan, made with organic cotton, PLA, and metal springs: The Naturepedic 2 in 1 Ultra, Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe are designed for children and young adults not exceeding 160 pounds. Because PLA replaces wool as the flame retardant in these organic mattresses, a doctor’s note is not necessary when purchasing.

If you choose a vegan mattress that isn’t as soft as you prefer we do have natural latex toppers that are covered in only organic cotton fabric. They are thin enough that they are not required to meet the more rigorous standard that requires wool.  To soften your organic mattress, place one of these vegan mattress toppers on top. Sleeptek Inari Organic Rubber Topper or Suite Sleep Natural Rubber Topper. With a vegan natural latex topper on top of a firm vegan organic mattress, you will have firm mattress support with a softer feel on top!