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Twin vs Twin XL Size

Twin Vs Twin XL Mattress Size

In this blog post we will answer some size questions about Twin vs. Twin XL mattresses, sheets, and bed frames. 

Twin Size Mattress Dimensions: 38” x 75”

Twin Extra Long (Twin XL) Mattress Dimensions: 38” x 80”

Will Twin sheets fit on a Twin XL mattress? 

Twin fitted sheets will not work with a TwinXL mattress as a Twin XL is 5” longer.  You wouldn’t be able to fit the fitted sheet around the mattress.

Will Twin XL sheets fit on a Twin mattress?

Yes, a fitted sheet in Twin XL size will fit over a Twin mattress but there will be extra sheeting at the ends.  You could potentially tuck in the extra sheeting and make the sheets look like they have a good fit.

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Will a Twin XL mattress fit on a Twin bed frame?

No, it would be too long.  If it is a latex or foam mattress you might be able to compress it to fit, but it will likely be bunched up.  Measure the inside of the bed frame from head to foot to see how much room you have to fit your mattress.

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Will a Twin mattress fit on a Twin XL bed frame?

A Twin mattress will fit in a Twin XL bed frame, but there will be a gap at the head and/or foot of the bed frame that the mattress will not cover.

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Why would I choose a Twin XL instead of a Twin mattress?

A Twin mattress is 75” long, which is 6’3”.  Generally, a taller person will not be as comfortable on a shorter mattress because their feet might hang over the edge (keep in mind your head is generally not at the very top of your mattress due to your pillow).  A Twin XL mattress is 80” long (the same length as a queen or king sized mattress) so it will be a better fit for a taller person, or for a child who might grow to be taller than average. If you are looking for a child, we suggest choosing the size based on the following criteria:

  1. How tall is the child expected to get? If they are expected to grow over 6 foot tall, a Twin XL may be a better choice.  
  2. What size bed frame do you already have? If you already have a bed frame, you are a bit constrained by that size for the mattress you should purchase.  Measure the inside, if it is a bit over 75”, it would fit a twin.  If it is a bit over 80” it would fit a Twin XL.  
  3. How much space do you have allocated to the bed frame in the room?  If space is tight, a Twin size may be a better choice.

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Do two people fit on a Twin bed?

A twin mattress is 38” wide, and is generally made for one person.  Depending on how close you want to sleep next to the other person, and the size of the people, two might fit!  For example, two children can likely fit on a twin mattress. However, for more comfort, two people fit better on a full (otherwise known as double) size mattress or larger.

Are two twin mattresses the same size as a king mattress?

No, twin mattresses are 75” long whereas a king mattress is 80” long.  However, two Twin XL mattresses are the same size as a king mattress.  Using two Twin XL mattresses instead of a king size mattress is common if someone uses an adjustable bed frame.
Two Twin XL Mattresses Equal a King Size Mattress