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Suite Sleep: Purity. Passion. Progress.

At The Natural Sleep Store we put great value in the solid, lasting relationships we are able to build with our manufacturers. Suite Sleep, based out of Boulder, CO is one of these companies. We have been working with them since the start of our business in 2005 and we love selling Suite Sleep products! I enjoyed a conversation with Angela, the owner of Suite Sleep, and we discussed the interesting history of her company, the future of the business, and why Suite Sleep products are so great.

Suite Sleep is a company that focuses on providing luxury organic mattresses and accessories to people seeking a healthier sleep solution. Before starting Suite Sleep, Angela lived in California where she shopped at a very accessible and local all natural home and bedding store. angela owner of suite sleepWhen she moved to Colorado in 2000 she realized that the options to shop for organic bedding and home products were few and far between. Initially she opened an all natural home furniture store called Boulder by Design.  The store was working hard to hit the ground running but unfortunately, after the attacks of 9/11, the recession crippled their store before it even had a chance to get off the ground. Not discouraged, Angela, still passionate about the organic sector, worked for different organic bedding manufacturers as a distributor for other retailers, which was the beginning of Suite Sleep.  With her background in retail sales of organic products combined with the knowledge she accumulated in working with organic bedding manufacturers, Angela then drove her successful business towards becoming a manufacturer assembly company. Suite Sleep is passionate about all the specific details of product assembly. Angela says they are “…sticklers about it.” We can tell this from the quality of work that comes out of every Suite Sleep product we sell.   Not only are their products beautifully made, but they offer solid organic certifications on their raw materials.  We know we can depend on their certifications because they are hard-core about their raw materials.   It is very important to Suite Sleep to not just have a swath of certifications but instead to build trusting relationships with their supply chain all the way to the beginning.

When I asked Angela about where she saw the organic mattress industry going in the future she gave me a very insightful and forward thinking answer. This is what she said:

“The bigger message in the next decade will be how do we get sustainability more to the masses?  We will need things that are sustainable in the way we get them to and from people; in regards to carbon footprint. The quality needs to be high enough so it does not need to be replaced over and over again and take up the space in our landfills.”

I believe that Angela and Suite Sleep have already started to follow in the path in which they are predicting that the organic sector is heading. They are currently producing a line of luxury organic mattresses and accessories that are built to last. If taken good care of you will surely have their products for a very long time. Their latex mattresses can be expected to last at least 20 years and may even exceed that time period. When I asked Angela which line of products she is most excited about she responded with no hesitation:

“Little Lamb kids line. We really want to see more and more kids getting into a healthier sleep situation and we want to see more parents raising the awareness and consciousness that sleep is important, and it is important from a health standpoint and a sustainability standpoint.”

This is one reason we love the Suite Sleep Little Lamb kids line. The Little Lamb mattress is an affordable option for kids and it is also a long-term sustainable option that will get the child to college on just one mattress.  Suite Sleep markets the line as a “Grow with Me” mattress that you can add a wool or natural latex topper, or both, if your child wants or needs a little more softness as they grow up.  We are also very excited to announce that Suite Sleep will be launching a new Little Lamb Kids Innerspring Mattress with an expected appearance in Fall 2014.

adjustable organic pillowSome of the most popular Suite Sleep products we sell come from their organic adjustable pillow line. With all Suite Sleep pillows you can customize the pillow to your own requirements or comfort needs by unzipping the pillow and adding or removing fill: wool, kapok, or shredded rubber. When I asked Angela what product was her favorite she responded, “I love our pillows—they really redefined our business”.

We have only touched on a few of Suite Sleep’s wonderful products but they have many more!  Check out their mattress pads, adult organic mattresses, and mattress toppers.

Suite Sleep’s attention to detail and the versatility of their mattresses and pillows makes Suite Sleep products some of The Natural Sleep Store’s top-sellers. We are proud to offer their wide range of mattresses and bedding and are excited for what the future holds for Angela and Suite Sleep.