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Organic Mattress Pads -What Type is Best For You?

The mattresses we sleep on are very important to our rest and mental well being. The Natural Sleep Store offers a variety of organic mattress pad options that will help to increase the longevity of your organic mattress. An organic mattress pad is a great way to keep your mattress clean and protect it from incidents that will discolor and potentially damage it. Whether it be a child, pet, or other source, accidents will inevitably occur. Organic mattress pads will keep your mattress looking and smelling fresh for years to come, extending the life, and saving you money in the process. Regardless of mattress brand or cost, we always recommend using some form of protection. At the Natural Sleep Store, all of us use an organic mattress pad on all of our own personal mattresses because we understand the important role they play in mattress maintenance.

We offer 4 basic types of mattress protectors/pads: cotton mattress pads, wool moisture pads, waterproof mattress protectors, and mattress barrier covers. With close to a dozen of our manufacturers producing different versions of these protective pads; we strive to have a diverse selection to fit every need and budget. While, we are always happy to answer any questions  that may arise; it’s always nice to have a good sense of what mattress pad will fit your specific needs. 

Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

Our organic cotton mattress pads are primarily Organic Cotton Mattress Padused for general mattress protection. We recommend cotton mattress pads for protection from average sweat and oils that can eventually stain and discolor a mattress. Our organic cotton mattress pads are completely machine washable and can be cleaned right along with sheets. They are elasticized on the sides and come in either a quilted top or knit top option. A quilted top has organic cotton batting sewn inside two layers of organic cotton fabric.  A knit top is merely a thick layer of knit fabric that acts as the protection.  Organic cotton mattress pads are a great option for people who want a product that is very easy to care for and is the most popular organic mattress pad choice amongst our customers.  We also offer a Suite Sleep washable wool mattress pad that is the best option for people who tend to sleep warmer than average. Similar in construction to a cotton mattress pad with a quilted top,  this organic wool mattress pad is more breathable and will regulate body temperature better throughout the night. We highly recommend this product if you tend to sweat more than normal during sleep.

Wool Moisture Pads

A wool moisture pad is a tightly woven layer of organic wool moisture padwool that lays flat on the top of your mattress. It comes either as a standard flat barrier or is made with elasticized bands sewn into the corners to secure it to the mattress. We suggest these for mattresses that young children or pets may have accidents on. Wool moisture pads offer more protection from leaks and spills because of how tight the weave pattern is and because of the lanolin that is present in wool. Moisture will bead up on the fabric and take longer to soak through the material.  While not completely waterproof, they are extremely water resistant when layered with an organic cotton mattress pad on top. The cotton mattress pad will absorb a large amount of the liquid and the wool moisture barrier will protect against moisture leaking through. The combination of the two is the best fully organic option we know of to protect your mattress from big leaks or spills.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Our waterproof mattress protectors are organic waterproof mattress protectormade from two layers of organic cotton fabric that have a proprietary layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) laminated between the fabric to provide complete waterproof protection.  With the addition of the TPU, the waterproof mattress protector is not fully organic, but is very safe and meets the GreenGuard Gold standard.  These products are fantastic if you need complete protection from large spills or accidents. 


Organic Barrier Covers

Last, an organic mattress barrier cover is a zippered, cotton fabric layer that completely encases a mattress. These barrier covers help to protect the mattress from exposure to dust mites and bed bugs. Tested to block anything larger than about 5 microns, a barrier encasement is woven tightly enough that these pests cannot penetrate the fabric. Organic barrier covers also provide a layer of protection from general debris and dirt.

Whatever mattress you decide to call your own, adding a layer of protection, like an organic mattress pad, wool moisture pad or barrier cover will extend the lifespan of your sleep system and protect your investment. A good nights’ sleep is essential to a healthy mind. Keeping your mattress protected is an added sense of security and peace of mind for the future.